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GenWise is a summer camp for gifted children to learn how to be critical and independent thinkers through the STEM and Humanities curriculum. With world-class mentors and facilitators, read about how your children will open their minds to learning by expanding their horizons.

In today’s world, children are bombarded with information! This constant stimulation can sometimes be too much to handle. Children on their own are so creative, perceptive and have an innate ability to think laterally. While we view ‘out of the box’ thinking as an asset, children possess this trait naturally. Then why do we let it go over time?

Genwise Summer Program Review by Gautam

GenWise has this incredible summer camp where they teach children to think for themselves. It’s not a classroom with some boring lecture. It is a unique opportunity for children to interact with other gifted children from across the country (multiple students from TISB, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Oberoi International School, Indus International School, KC High, etc. have registered already). And also, meet some very talented and accomplished mentors from around the world who will help your child “Learn to Learn”.

Who are these world-class mentors?

The mentors are from world-renowned educational institutions like IIT, IIM, IISc, Caltech, UCLA, Penn State among others. Mentors have a global perspective, thanks to their leadership roles at various Indian and multinational companies such as Accenture, Motorola, Bell Labs and HP to name a few. And many have an extensive background in education at institutions across the country ranging from traditional to alternative schools.

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How will the children learn from them?

The programs are much more than just the academic component. There is a whole host of activities outside the classroom like, field trips, informal interactions with business and social sector leaders. They also engage in mind sports such as Bridge, quizzes, activities to enhance attention and concentration and physical activities.

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What areas of study are covered in this camp?

There are 5 carefully curated tracks, namely Science and Scientific Inquiry, Mathematical and Computational Thinking, Technology and Design, Tools for Thinking and Communicating, as well as Nature, Society and the Individual.

More than content, children learn skills in this workshop. Skills that they can apply in the real world. They learn to think for themselves and broaden their horizons and perspectives. And finally, they make long lasting friendships with each other. It is also a great networking opportunity as children get access to mentors and their peers through this program.

GenWise also provides a residential summer camp option, where children can stay at the campus. Safety and security of the children is given utmost importance, where they are always within eyesight and earshot of the staff. They maintain a 3:1 student to adult ratio, which ensures a personalised approach. Children also get to be part of the Evening ADDA, where professionals from various backgrounds engage the kids in meaningful discussions and topical debates.

When and Where?

Dates: GSS Early Explorer | June 16th – 30th | GSS Advanced: June 16th to July 7th

Timing: 9:00 pm to 4:00 pm (for Day Scholars)

Contact Number: Rajesh: +91-9840970514 | Vishnu: +91-9342247734

Venue Details: Ecumenical Christian Centre, ECC Road, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066

To know more about the program or any queries write to them at gifted@genwise.in or visit the website www.genwise.in

GenWise gives your children a wonderful opportunity to become independent and critical thinkers through the STEM and Humanities curriculum. Watch your children learn, grow and flourish through this program.

This post has been written in collaboration with the brand. Pictures used in this article have been provided by GenWise

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