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The Freethinking School

About The Freethinking School

The Freethinking School believes that true learning can only take place through practical real life experiences or experiential learning. The programs offered at The Freethinking School are broadly based on Montessori principles and layered with other hands-on-learning experiences that will engage and involve all their senses, making learning fun, real and permanent. These experiences take into consideration their multiple intelligences such as – math, logical, linguistics, body kinaesthetic (dance), music, aesthetics (art), interpersonal (social etiquette, intra-personal (practical life), and spiritual intelligence (building strong values).

Type of School
Pre School
Admission Details
  • The admission process is open through the year
  • The new term starts in the month of June.
  • Admission forms are available at the school office and online as well.
  • There is no interview process for the child but parents can come along with the child for a meetup.
  • Parents can call the school office or book an appointment online for visiting the school premises.
Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group Timing
Pre-K 2.5 years 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
K1 3.5 9:00 am to 2:30 pm
K2 4.5 9:00 am to 2:30 pm
  • Spacious well-equipped classroom with experiential creative corners
  • The Freethinking School has a full range of montessori materials, qualified teachers and care takers and encourages a free thinking curriculum
  • Curated field trips to ensure children have a well rounded personality as well as a curious one.
  • Sand pit and open play space


Safety Features
  • The entire campus has CCTV installations.
  • There are round the clock security guards on campus
Snack options

The school can provide snacks for children. Their is an additional cost for the same.

School Van

Transport facility is provided by the school.

After School Facilities

The Freethinking School conducts after school activities from Monday To Friday such as: TED Ed Club, Baking classes, Music & Dance classes, Abacus & Chess classes, Handwriting classes, Art & Craft classes, Crochet, Mom & Child Programs.

They also conduct Weekend Programs for kids 6 to 18 years such as Life Skill Workshops and Mentoring programs.