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Fluid Art Workshop: A Dabble Playart Workshop

Fluid Art Workshop: A Dabble Playart Workshop

Dabble brings to you Fluid Art Workshop, a program that will engage and spark creativity, engagement, exploration and natural expression with the medium of colours. Fluid Art is the art of pour painting and does not need artistic skills to explore.
This workshop is specially designed for early years with the goal to express their ideas; explore, try out, and create with new and different kinds of media; experiment with colours forms,shapes and textures.

It’s 100% fun while being 200% creative while children experience the science and the magic of colours

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction about fluid art, types of fluid art, different techniques of fluid art. Introduction of Dabble.
  • Demo of two technique: Flip cup and Ring pour (Easy for children to learn with the assistance of parents)
  • Colour mixing techniques, ratio proportions, colour pallets description.

Every parent child team will be individually assisted to do their painting. The workshop facilitator is Nitya Joshi, a Fluid Artist and Art Enthusiast.


For further details reach our to the Dabble team at +91-7899346734. To register click below:

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