Find hidden treasure with Podar Jumbo Kids this summer

Find hidden treasure with Podar Jumbo Kids this summer Cover Image

Want to smell the sea, touch the sand, sail with dolphins and find hidden treasure? Podar Jumbo Kids has a beautiful summer camp built around the theme of voyages and adventure. Sail on!

If you have ever grown up near the sea, you will know that summer is special in a coastal town or city. Visits to the beach, picking up shells from the sand, taking a trip to the docks, pretending to find hidden treasure and the saltiness in the air makes childhood so much more special.

The Podar Jumbo Kids, a famous preschool with branches all over India, is taking your children to the sea this summer, without stepping a foot outside their preschool space! Their new summer camp, Treasure Island, offers something very different from the usual camps in the city. What makes it special? It’s not just a mixture of random activities thrown together. There is a theme and every experience is planned around it. This year, the children are going to an island together with their teacher. They are in for a whale of a time!

All aboard!

Which child doesn’t like to make believe? When the classroom is an imaginary ship, the children will explode with the excitement of pretend play. The camp will encourage the kids to do just that — prepare for a journey, pretend to walk around in the ship, get over their imaginary sea sicknesses, jog, march, skip count and do that drill that we all love so much. The children will sing lots of songs about the sea, underwater creatures, sea shells, and more. They will also play some amazing and hilarious sea-themed games – crossing paper seas with stepping stones to get to the other side, for instance. You should see the whoops of delight that such a game can elicit.


A seafarer’s journal

Let’s do a fun exercise. Imagine you are a kid again. You can be the captain of the ship for a day. What would you do? Record it for posterity, of course! In the Treasure Island camp, every child will get to be the captain for a day and take control of the ship. And the children will document their voyage through a journal that has photos, masks, drawings, craft and more! They will use the journal to recall their voyage and remember it for years to come, days spent in a make-believe sandy shore, playing with beach balls, blow painting, dancing or cooking without fire.

All hands on deck

Want to jive to the music of the ocean, listen to tales from beyond the horizon or learn all about creatures that live in the sea? The children will have activities like the underwater kaleidoscope, treasure hunts, storytelling and music to immerse them into the spirit of adventure. The teachers will be fully prepared to engage with the kids with a host of activities built on the theme of islands, jungles, ocean and adventure. What fun!


On sandy shores

Who doesn’t like the beach? The children and their teacher will pretend to kip camp on a sandy shore and will imagine the salty wind blowing their hair. They will picnic in a beach set up in the classroom and also go on field trips to places themed around the sea, underwater adventures and voyages. They will also make a camp fire from pebbles, paper and other material. Traditional Indian games like the Lagori will be played on shore. The best part? They will build their own model of a ship. Full steam ahead I say!

By the sunset

Want to know what the children have been up to for four weeks? Apart from a grand finale, the Treasure Island Summer Camp ends with a fabulous sunset party. The venue will be arranged like a giant sunset with a sand castle, game stalls, food stalls, a movie area and more. You can accompany your kids, meet the many friends they have made, enjoy some scrumptious food and have a great time!


What makes it special

There is something magical about learning through themes. Thematic learning and discovery are wonderful ways to make knowledge and memories stick. In one shot, children will be doing activities that are such fun that they won’t realize that they have learning goals woven into them. Take stringing sea shells or origami for instance, or painting mermaids. These are wonderful projects for toddlers. Learning about underwater animals and plants will open their worlds up to science. For pre-schoolers, journaling will bring out literacy and documentation skills. The older ones will have a wonderful time thinking on their feet with games and exhibiting leadership skills. The memories will live on!

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