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Fabulous Fables and Folktales

Fabulous Fables and Folktales

The month of August brings with it an aura of festivities and Moxieandhopper is here again to bring in the festival season with some “Fabulous Fables and Folktales” from around the world. Enhance your imagination, tickle your funny bones and dive into the world of beautiful Folklore.

From Indian Folktales on Krishna to celebrate Janmashtami, or a Hungarian Folk tale about a king who doesn’t want to hear a no, to a Japanese Fable about a one inch boy called Issunboushi who went on to conquer the Princess’s Heart, they bring you 6 Fables from around the world to enthral you and make you believe that anything can happen in this world full of possibilities.


To register for the storytelling session, get in touch with Moxieandhopper team at +91-9741103330