Exciting things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend – Mar 11th, 12th & 13th

Exciting things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend – Mar 11th, 12th & 13th Cover Image

Plan your weekend NOW! BuzzingBubs’ picks for Bangalore’s 10 best things to do with kids this weekend are here.

If you’re looking for exciting  things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend or any weekend for that matter, BuzzingBubs is your best bet. Every week BuzzingBubs curates and selects the best events, workshops, sessions and things-to-do in the city.

Here are 10 exciting activities for this weekend selected just for you by our team. Choose from a musical, a shadow play, Nature walk, ant walk, storytelling, rhymes, maths fun or a dance session!

Jigyasa the School present We the Children: The Sequel Cover Image

1 Hear the tiny tots of Jigyasa sing their story!

What's cuter than watching 2-5 year olds take the stage and sing about their families? Not much! Join Jigyasa School's little wonders as they entertain you with their musical 'We the Children: The Sequel'

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Logical thinking Workshop Cover Image

2 Watch problems disappear with the magic of logic!

Using story and rhyme Logica will introduce the concept of breaking down complex problems. Watch as young minds grasp the concept of logical thinking through fun!

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Cat in the Hat (shadow puppet) Cover Image

3 Dr.Seuss fans, the Cat in the Hat's here!

There's something brewing, something exciting just for you; It's a tale about a funny cat and a couple of kids too! You know you want to see it , so better keep yourself free; Imaginostory's 'Cat in the Hat' is exactly where you should be!

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A whole lot of Colours! Cover Image

4 Stories with a riot of colours await you! Are you ready?

Heads & Tales brings to you an interactive storytelling for the entire family: A whole lot of Colours! This festive season, listen to colourful stories from around the world with Sowmya & Priya.

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Monkey and The Mobile Cover Image

5 Selfie obsessed or tied to tech? This is for you!

'Monkey and the Mobile addresses the impact of mobile phones and technology on the human psyche. Using quirky characters like Selfie-Gopal, Etroverts , a family of Emojis and animals with identity crises, larger themes like identity, control and memory are explored.

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Oluguti Toluguti – Indian Rhymes Cover Image

6 Delight your kids with these Indian rhymes!

Enter the world of Oluguti and Toluguti and Kasuguti too! It’s a land of elephants, buffaloes, crows, cockroacjes and hattima tim times. Celebrate the richness and vitality of India’s multilingual character through rhymes in various Indian languages.

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Playjam Movement In Theatre Cover Image

7 Shake and mime to get creative with Playjam

Move and groove through dance and charades to a whole new concept at the latest session of Playjam. Bring your kids along and have some fun!

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Nurturing Nature Garden Exploration Cover Image

8 Sow a seed & reap a rich experience

Take your tiny tots along on an exploration of the senses. Watch as they learn to sow seeds, touch the earth and feel at one with Nature.

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Poetry Workshop Cover Image

9 Unleash the inner poet at the poetry workshop!

Reel out a rhyme and write one too: Anything from classic verse to hysterical limericks are welcome. Poetry lovers, you don't want to miss this!

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Lalbagh Antwalk by EcoEdu Cover Image

10 Ants! Get up close and personal with these tiny titans

Join the Lalbagh Ant Walk led by Sunil Kumar, the expert on Ants and co-author of the book “On a Trail with Ants“, to know all about these hardworking creatures, pick them up and study them too!

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