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Evolvingminds Science Summer Camp 2022

Evolvingminds Science Summer Camp 2022

Evolvingminds Science Summer Camp 2022 is a ten-day program that will teach kids to sharpen their scientific thinking, troubleshoot and solve problems, deepen their inquisitiveness and help them go from having doubts to being curious about a problem and then conducting experiments to finally solve them. The summer camp is all about allowing them to learn, interact with peers, build on their ideas, practical implementation of their thoughts all with the freedom to make mistakes, explore, discover and conduct experiments. The program will allow children to participate in fun-filled experiments that enable creative and critical thinking in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

During the camp, kids will be kept engaged through thought-provoking question (TPQ) in every session and will be motivated to draw their ideas and explore possibilities. These ideas will then be discussed with the peer group and get an opportunity to debate and present them. The Evolvingminds mentor, who will be present, will assist the children along the way and try their ideas by converting them into a simple experiment.

Participants then learn to design their ideas and convert them to working models by themselves. This way of learning builds confidence in them and brings out a sense of responsibility for design and science learning.

What kids will learn (Juniors: Grade 2 – 5)

Designing projects using electric circuits, the right way to use LEDs and how to build a torchlight. Kids will also learn how to innovate ideas, as they get training on scientific methodology. They will also get a chance to do mechanical projects that will teach them about energy, applications and how to design a steel ball launcher.

Introduction to chemical reactions – safe and fun projects; Observing Microorganisms through a phase-contrast microscope, learning about microscopy – insects and plant observations, conducting biology experiments, and a live view of stereo microscopy.

What kids will learn (Senior: Grade 6 – 9)

Designing projects using electric circuits, optics, magnetism, learning to innovate upon ideas, scientific methodology and design challenges. But that’s not all, they will also get hands-on knowledge, an introduction to chemical reactions through safe and fun projects, the chance to observe microorganisms, learn about microscopy, conduct biology experiments, pigment extraction, explore microscopy through a phase-contrast microscope, and get a live view of stereo microscopy, as well.


Registrations are based on first come first served basis. Only 16 students in a batch. Call or WhatsApp on +91-9945275572 / +91-9900084641