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Evolvingminds Summer Camp 2021

Scientific Thinking for Kids

Science is intriguing, interesting and also a lot of fun! So, naturally figuring how science works can be quite exciting for kids. In this program by Evolvingminds, kids will find joy in discovering concepts and ideas rather than having things explained to them! Thought-provoking questions, working with their ideas and exploring science will lead them towards building a working model and try their hands at something new.

The program will also teach them how to approach an abstract problem, develop a solution, and make it a reality which in turn will help build confidence, critical thinking and skills that foster growth and a positive mindset. The summer program introduces kids to the basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and trains them on how science works! The program is conducted online and interested participants can also take up physical classroom sessions. The material is delivered to home so that kids can perform the tasks themselves.

Key Takeaways from the Workshop

  1. Enhancing their Scientific temperament
  2. Building perception of how science works
  3. Learning to design working models
  4. Enhancing critical thinking
  5. Building confidence and enhancing peer interaction

Activities Planned

Group A: Grade 1 to 4: Electric circuits, simple machines, construction, air pressure, water pressure. Chemical reactions, production and testing of oxygen. Seed dissection and analysis. Microscopy.

Group B: Grade 5 to 8: The balance of forces, lenses and optics. Chemical reactions, slime, elements, and compounds. Investigating the elements. Foam production. Slide preparation. Microscopy. Leaf pigment extraction and analysis.


Registration is based on first come first serve basis.