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About Evolvingminds

Evolvingminds uses science education as a medium to lay the foundation for rational thinking and creative problem-solving. It is a future-driven education and research organisation dedicated to preparing young minds for a dynamic future. They strive to create awareness in young minds about their options to create a bright future, both for themselves and for mankind. They teach through ‘The Discovery Process’. At Evolvingminds they tend to guide the thought process of the child rather than forcing predetermined thoughts on them. Young minds in the age group of 6 to 15 years are put through thought-provoking questions, science experiments, hands-on activities, science projects, science lab, mathematics and technology.

Classes offered at Evolvingminds

Learning & Development
✓ Career Counselling✓ Math Skills✓ Mentoring✓ Science✓ Science Experiment✓ Technology
Age group
6 to 15 years
What kids learn
  • The kids learn the scientific inquiry process. The tools needed to be a Scientist and an Innovator - generic approach to learning science.
  • They develop an interest to test their ideas and arrive at a conclusion.
  • They gain clarity on certain topics in science in a fun way. These topics open a new way to learn the further topics.
  • They learn to construct working models by using materials in a creative way.
  • They open up their mind towards different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design and Engineering.
  • They learn to question and face the crowd with courage.
  • They learn to get motivated.
Class size
Maximum of 20 kids in a class
Student teacher ratio
2 hours

Materials are provided by Evolvingminds during the sessions.

How to register
To register and know more about the program get in touch with Evolvingminds.