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Evolvingminds Summer Camp 2020

Train your kids to be a Scientist

Evolvingminds Summer Camp 2020 is here and its all about how to train your kids to be a scientist. Developing scientific thinking in kids is a way to help them start observing keenly and making their own decisions. The fact is, kids love to think, but are hardly given the opportunity. However, in the science summer camp, they will get just that! The camp will help your kids to prepare well ahead and enrich them to do science in the right way. They will get a good amount of exposure in the areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology but most important of all, they’ll get to hone their scientific thinking!

Activities include experiments from physics, chemistry and biology. Building electric circuits, pulley well system, geometry and applications, designing water sprinklers, Exhaust system, floating and spinning wood, simple camera system. Fun chemical reactions, production of gases, and understanding its properties, work with a fire extinguisher—investigation of sodium and its features – motivating chemical reactions, colour changing liquid, preparation of slime.

Exploration of insects and microorganisms – exposure to microscopy. Slide preparation and dissection techniques, biochemical tests and extraction and analysis of leaf pigments.


Registration is based on first come first serve basis.