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Neev Literature Festival 2018

Neev Literature Festival 2018

The Neev Literature Festival is back with a bang! This is the city’s most successful tribute to children’s literature. This festival celebrates the books that spark the joy of reading by bringing together children, parents, educators and authors. Love to read and read to love is the mission of this festival, which aims to create readers for life. The atmosphere is free and open so everyone can engage and interact to learn and grow!

The Neev Literature Festival will host more than 65 celebrated International and Indian authors, film makers, illustrators and librarians. Renowned authors such as Nadia Hashimi, Paro Anand, Ranjit Lal, Shals Mahajan, SampurnaChattarji, JahnaviBarua, Neha Singh, Adan Jimenez & Felicia Low Jimenez, among others will be part of the festival to meet and interact with the children. The festival will house workshops and panel discussions for students, educators, librarians and parents, and a curated book exhibit of must-read titles.

This year the festival will also be unveiling the Neev Book Awards, for distinguished children’s literature to recognize outstanding writing that leads to a fuller understanding of India, Indian lives, and Indian stories.