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Euphoric Science Workshop

Euphoric Science Workshop

Euphoric Science Workshop explores the Young minds to exciting Sci tech themes every day. The Main aim of Weekend Sci-Tech School is to promote awareness of Scope, Opportunities, Proper utilization of Science and technology inventions & innovations keeping in mind the well-being of all living beings on Mother Earth.

Curriculum Covered

  • From Kitchen Science to Robotics
  • From making spectroscope to Exploring Jupiter’s Moons in the Night Sky,
  • From parachute making to exploring their aerospace interest,
  • From making their own rheostat to regulate the current to generating electricity through orange at Sci Tech workshops children get the opportunity to fuel their enthusiasm with ample resources being made available to them within monitored environment.

The Age appropriate experiments are designed to facilitate the infinite exploration possibilitis to young minds and help them see the wider horizon of science and technology curriculum.