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About EqualiTee


EqualiTee is an awesome new collection of gender-cool merchandise that challenges flawed gender stereotypes and lets our little boys and girls be whoever they wish to be. Their first collection of t-shirts is designed in five themes – Activity, Opportunity, Creativity, Sensitivity and Equality and creates an expansive world, of imagination, creativity and free expression, representing a world that’s shared by girls and boys equally. Available in three colours – red, blue and grey, they are perfect for kids aged 2-8 years. EqualiTee has also just launched gender-cool toys featuring wooden rocking horse and the uber cool gender bender wooden blocks.

Kids Apparel at EqualiTee

Age Group
2 - 8 yrs

Toys & games at EqualiTee

Age Group
2 years +
General Toys
✓ Wooden Toys

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How to place an order

You can place an order for EquiliTee T-shirts and wooden toys through their website.

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Standard Shipping takes 3 to 5 working days.