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Early Childhood Classes with Openhouse

Early Childhood Classes

Openhouse’s early childhood classes are a space designed for kids to come back offline, after a year of being away from the simple wonders of social learning. The sessions are designed to expose your child to more than just alphabets and numbers, they are Desi to help them explore social skills and knowledge in a safe and healthy environment. While nursery school focuses on literacy, the early childhood classes by Openhouse will provide your little ones with the space to have the friendships and bonds that they will cherish.

Overview of your child’s first month with Openhouse:

Week 1 Welcome To Openhouse!

In the first week at OH, you will explore what makes us unique. From hand painting to buying things at the OH Market, there will be discussions on who we are which will help you become more self-aware and responsible! You’ll also be trained in our understanding of “In and Out” before we end the day with some peppy action songs.

Week 2 How Do You Do?

Trainin in practicing social greetings and responses. Pronunciation and basic etiquette will also be added to the arsenal through roleplay and storytelling in this lesson. These concepts will be reinforced along with the understanding of action words like in, out, up and down with crafts and action songs.

Week 3 Time To Light Up

This session is a celebration, literally! You are going to celebrate the festivals of India through songs, dance and craft and then use this celebration to learn about self expression, follow directions and use new, fancy vocabulary. And worry not, because I’m the end we will all learn to clean up ourselves and take accountability for it too.

Week 4 Red Light, Green Light

Look both ways before you cross over into this session, where you will look at how best to follow instructions. Whether it’s the lights on a signal or the commands of an Emperor, you’re going to be as open as a soldier towards learning new things! Psst, you will also have a tasty creation to take away from the class.


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Safety Measures

These open-air classes are COVID safe, conveniently located near your neighbourhood and are conducted by expert teachers, who are double-vaccinated. Each class has been designed to get children to create, think outside the box and collaborate with friends. Sanitization after each class. Each batch has a maximum of 8 kids.