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Dussehra Camp at CforCat

Dussehra Camp at CforCat

This Dussehra you can have the cake and eat it too! An exclusive Dussehra Camp at CforCat with not one but a myriad of cultural experiences waiting for you and your kids to make the most of. Start off with a cultural exchange where you’ll get to walk-through the four different regions of the country to get an idea about how special each one’s celebration of Dussehra is. Next, pick and choose from a variety of learning activities all customised for the delight of you and your kid. From understanding the science behind Kaleidoscope & Diya making classes to learning the art of chocolate making & even ‘going green’ during the festivities, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Cultural Exchange Camp:  Sept 30 to Oct 4

  • Day 1: Dussehra in North India | Culture Walkthrough: Ramlila and Ravan Dahan
  • Day 2: Dussehra in West India | Culture Walkthrough: Navratri
  • Day 3: Dussehra in East India | Culture Walkthrough: Why bengal feasts while rest of India fasts
  • Day 4: Dussehra in South India | Culture Walkthrough: What is Golu Puja? Significance of dolls in Dussehra.

Little Learners Camp: Oct 7 to 11

  • Day 1: Little Scientist |Understanding the science behind Kaleidoscope and creating one
  • Day 2: Junior Chocolatier | Learn the art of chocolate making
  • Day 3: Going Green | Learn science of gardening and pot your own plant
  • Day 4: Diya Making | Get ready for Diwali by creating your own diyas using different techniques.