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Dribbling Panda Creative Dance Stories

About Dribbling Panda Creative Dance Stories

Dribbling Panda’s Creative Dance Stories is an inclusive 9-month program providing a creative platform for children to Explore, Express & Experience their stories through free style body movement activities, fun games, dance moves, art mediums, etc to enhance Self-Expression, Creativity, Rhythm & Coordination, Self- Focus and Confidence. There is so much love for stories, and that being communicated through dance & movement. Stories of how children connect to their own individual self, their version of perspective of life & the space around, their real stories.

Minimum enrollment is for 8 classes. Every quarter will have special classes & adapted performance showcase. Creative Dance Stories will be representing different themes related to self-development, association to the external world, social/ family bonds & learning from a child’s perspective.


Contact Arc Astra, to register.