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Discovery Race

h2. About Discovery Race

Discovery Race is an online activity for the parent child duo within the comfort of their homes. Participating kids will be competing with children across the world. For ages 2-6, the race will teach kids about Kings and Castles. Parents who enjoy doing activities with their child, this is for you. A weekend activity leading the child to think, explore and discover.

h2. How it works?

The participating team receives a ‘Discovery Map’, which is a treasure map of sorts for the race. This map will lead them from the start point to the finish point of the race with hints for each clue that they will receive. The parent will receive a number of clues one after another over a period of 5 to 6 hours, which will usually point to an object found easily in and around the house. The parent communicates the clue to the child and the child has to find the answer, click a picture and share. The clues could be sent hidden within an Image/Video/Audio/Plain Text or any other form.

Registrations close on 27th February. So hurry and register now!

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