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Dhaatu International Puppet Festival

Dhaatu International Puppet Festival is a month long celebration with 100 artists and scholars from India, Bulgaria, Turkey, USA and Egypt to enthrall the audience with their sheer magic and talent. They have a puppet kiosk specially for children and puppet memorabilia for sale.

Dec 27th  2015-Workshops in Puppetry 

Puppeteers from Bulgaria who will be coming to perform at the Dhaatu International Puppet Festival – 2016, will be conducting a glove puppet workshop at Dhaatu Puppet Theater, BSK II Stage on Sunday, December 27th 2015. This will be a all day workshop.

Dec 29th 2015-Curtain Raiser

This will be held at the National Gallery for Modern Art, Bengaluru. This is a platform which introduces the design of the festival to the art intellectuals of the city. We present Puppet forms which depict the finesse and sophistication of the Traditional forms of puppetry. This will also double up as a press – meet.

Jan 1st 2016-Dhaatu Puppet Parade

Time: 3:00 pm

Dhaatu International Puppet Festival – 2015 saw the inauguration of the Dhaatu Puppet Bus-stop which showcases 10 typical puppet characters of the region. Building up on this, DIPF – 2016 will have a Puppet Parade beginning from the bus- stop. This will include the invited puppeteers, local residents, puppet enthusiasts, artists, students and all the people. This will be an event the city looks forward to.

4th January 2016 – Conference on Rod and Shadow Puppet Tradition

Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

Research and documentation of our techniques, traditions and history is extremely important to pass on this art-form to the next generations. The conference is designed to facilitate these theories and modes of practice.

Jan 1,2,3, 2016 – Films on Puppetry

Showcasing  of documentary films every morning at the venue.

Jan 1,2,3,4 2016 – Traditional Puppet Exhibition 

Sample puppets of rod and shadow and demonstrations of how they are made will be continuously available at the venue.

Jan 1st, 2016 – Dhaatu Puppet Panache – A Large Puppet Making Competition for Youth

When Art and Architecture come together, they benefit from each other and also the society. The planning which started two years ago has yielded results this year. Architecture and Design students will participate in Puppet Panache, a large puppet making competition. The competition will have a trophy and a cash component for the winner. About a hundred teams are expected to compete. The aim of this is to promote joint and structure development in puppetry which is useful to the puppeteer and also make the students understand the importance of puppetry in communications and social bonding. The competition requires the students to design puppets to communicate in the Indian context.

So hurry be a part of this extravaganza where you get introduced to carnival,shadow,rod glove and very special puppets.

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