Cuemath: This math fest in Bangalore will be amazing!

Cuemath: This math fest in Bangalore will be amazing! Cover Image

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Want to banish fear of math from your children’s lives forever? Take them to the Cuemath Pythagoras Fest. It could change their lives completely.

Did you know that according to Jo Boaler, Stanford professor of math, there is no such thing as a math brain? That’s astonishing, isn’t it? We have all been brought up to believe that we could either weak at math or geniuses. In fact, Boaler says that when you make a mistake in math, your brain struggles. And when your brain struggles, it grows. What better way than a math fest to get your kids to learn this?

Math is all around us. For example, prime numbers help cicadas survive. (Did we just see you run to check out how that can be possible?) And don’t even get us started on the relation between Pi and pizza.

Do your children fear or dislike math? Then they simply haven’t been introduced to its beauty. Apart from school math, there are two wonderful forms of math that can open the world to us – mental aptitude and creative reasoning.

Fun Fact

That there is math in the date of this year’s Indian Independence Day. Surprised? This year, our Independence Day falls on 15.08.17, which is a special date that comes only once in 100 years. It is a Pythagorean Triplet. 15(2) + 8(2)= 17(2).

Want a program that combines all three?

Cuemath is a sophisticated after-school math program designed for students from grades KG through 8. It makes math to be a life skill that can be used in many wonderful ways.

This Saturday the 19th of August, Cuemath is organizing a one-of-a-kind math convention at the Elaan Convention Center, JP Nagar. Here’s why you and your children should not miss this math fest. It could improve your child’s approach towards math forever by changing how he or she views math.


Why you’ll love Cuemath’s Math Fest

The Cuemath Pythagoras Fest promises to be a celebration of math. There will be tons of exciting activities that will tease the brain to find answers to a lot of questions and puzzles. There will be separate zones for different age groups.

There will also be a common game area where anyone, no matter how young or old they are, can try their hand at some fabulous math feats. For instance, you can use bananas as laser guns to shoot down prime numbers!

Get your kids to try to solve a problem. There is no right or wrong way, and when they are given the freedom to explore a calculation, they will learn to think logically and will fall in love with the process. There will be facilitators there to guide them wherever necessary. The best part? No lecturing and no pressure of exams or deadlines that will get in the way.

Multi-format that engages every kind of learner


The multi format of the puzzles – worksheets, math boxes, tablet based applications and puzzle cards – really makes the problems engaging in every sense. For example, for K2 kids, a question is given on addition and counting but the kids have to answer the question and form it on an interactive board. Another example is when challenges will be given to form different variations of Rubik’s cube.

When a child is engaged so fully in a problem, factors like conceptual understanding, problem solving, analytical, and creative thinking are at work.

Tons of goodies!

Apart from getting to solve puzzles, games and activities that will have your children hooked completely to the joy of math, there are also going to be lots of prizes to be won. And like all great math parties, this one will have a Pythagorean cake that the CEO of Cuemath will cut to mark the celebration.

The biggest prize? You will walk back home with a young mind that has just experienced the wizardry of math.

Want to participate? This is one event you really don’t want to miss! There is no registration fee. RSVP here.

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