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Being A Great Detective

Being A Great Detective

If your child is fascinated with spy stories and detective movies, then Being A Great Detective program by CueKids will definitely excite them! During this 12 day online course, your kids will learn to use all their senses to make observations of the world around them in order to quickly understand their surroundings. Sessions are full of fun activities, team games, and simple science experiments to make the learning fun and relatable for kids.

What Kids will learn?

  • Making observations
  • Suspect identification
  • Evidence collection
  • Arriving at deductions
  • Exploring senses and much more

Kids will be engaged in

  • A diversified range of fun-filled activities involving all the participants actively.
  • Activities include high spirited and pleasant games, innovative ways of understanding nonverbal communication.
  • Others encompass using different children friendly props, music, dance, and other stimulating activities.

About CueKids

CueKids specializes in skill-building programs for children by focusing on body language techniques. The parent company is Simply Body Talk which has an international presence in the niche segment of nonverbal communication since 2013. The content for all programs of CueKids is developed by the body language specialists of Simply Body Talk.