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In a candid chat with Supreeth Raju, founder of Bangalore Youth Cricket Academy (BYCA) and Mr Sunil Joshi, the Chief Coach, learn more about the key attributes to becoming a future cricket star- 3 D’s- determination, discipline & dedication.

In an exclusive interview with BuzzingBubs, we chat with Supreeth, the founder of BYCA and Sunil Joshi, former India cricketer, about cricket coaching for children, the benefits of playing the sport and the highly successful Bangalore Youth Cricket Academy (BYCA) that he has set up.

Here is the transcript of our interview. Please note that the transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity and is not verbatim.

BB: How did you come to start the Cricket Academy? When was it established and a brief history of the launch.

SR: Bangalore Youth Cricket Academy was established in the summer of 2011, starting with just 2 kids on the first day of the Summer Camp to the current strength. Mr. Sunil Joshi has been associated with BYCA from Summer of 2012, his experience, expertise in the game has given a whole new dimension to coaching.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA, Sunil-Joshi, Bangalore

BB: What are the key focus areas for your academy and what are the goals both short-term and long-term?

SJ: At BYCA, we follow the 360 Degree approach to training, laying equal importance to Skill Training, Fitness, Nutrition and Mind Coaching. Each session is given maximum importance, to ensure the players get to learn and hone their skills.

We believe that Sports teaches you Life Skills, apart from nurturing a good cricketer, we want our players to be good confident individuals, ready to take on Life!

Bangalore, Junior-Program

Short Term: Want each player to learn the skills required to play the game and enjoy the company of team mates and the coaches incharge.

Long Term: Want each player to use the cricketing skills learnt to better their game and represent highest level of sport and put the life lessons like team work, focus, goal setting, social interactions, concept of winning & loosing in their walk of life!

BB: We understand that fitness and nutrition are very important for you? Could you give us a brief as to how you go about inculcating this aspect among your wards?

SJ: At BYCA, we have 3 Levels. Beginners, Intermediate and Seniors. All aspects of training, are custom tailored to each of these levels.

“The Fitter you are….better in the game you are!!!” is the mantra followed at the camp. To achieve this, we have a certified fitness trainer who in consultation with the coaches design fitness programs for all Levels.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA

A Nutrition plan is shared with each new trainee in the camp. Parents are briefed regarding the importance of Nutrition.

For the Juniors – we have a short break in between the weekend sessions, where they are asked to eat a light snack i.e banana, glucose biscuit.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA, Junior-Program

For Seniors – Specific Fitness and Training plan are explained for optimal performance.

BB: What are the age groups that can participate in the academy? How does one enroll?

SR: There are 2 Programs:

BYCA Junior Program
Age Group: 3 to 6 Years

cricket coaching for childrenBYCA, Junior-Program

BYCA Program
Age Group: 6 to 19 Years

cricket coaching for children, BYCA

For enrolling, you can get in touch with Supreeth Raju @ 98860 62997 / visit for more information.

BB: How is this academy different from the others in Bangalore? What do you feel are your key advantages? Could you tell us more about your infrastructure, faculty, coaches, support staff, consultants etc.

ECB Level 2 Program and 360 Degree approach to training, giving equal importance to Skill, Fitness, Nutrition and Mind Coaching.

Experienced and seasoned team of coaches, led by myself Sunil Joshi.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA, Bangalore

Student to Coach Ratio
1 Coach to 15 Students

cricket coaching for children, BYCA, Bangalore

Customized Fitness programs for each level is available.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA

Exposure Matches
Tie up with with teams from Australia, New Zealand, Srilanka, Singapore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Gives opportunity for our players to play against the best of International and National teams.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA, bangalore

Nutrition plan offered to all students, and customized plan for senior players.

Advantage BYCA

Coaches – Experience and the technical knowledge of our coaching staff. Myself Sunil Joshi and Mr. Akhil are Level 3 Coaches and all our other coaches are either Level 1 & Level 2 certified coaches.

Curriculum – 360 Degree – Development Program

Fitness Training Program – Circuit Training and personalized training is available.

Infrastructure – The only private academy having access to 10 Turf Wickets, 20 Matting Wickets, 3 Matting Grounds and 1 Turf Ground.

cricket coaching for children, BYCA training, Bangalore

BB: As a professional international cricketer yourself, what are the key attributes or what is your advice for a budding young cricketer out there?

SJ: Key Attributes would be the – 3 D’s – Determination – Discipline & Dedication. Advice would be set your goals and start working towards it everyday. “You are the Creator of your own Destiny”

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Photo Courtesy: Bangalore Youth Cricket Academy

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