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Creative & Easy DIY & Craft Summer Camp for Kids

Creative & Easy DIY & Craft Summer Camp For Kids

This summer BrainArt is hosting Creative & Easy DIY & Craft Summer Camp for Kids 5 to 12 years of age. BrainArt offers a range of art and craft activities in many mediums including painting, printmaking, origami, recycling and more. This means kids can dabble in as many different forms of art as they please or may even fall in love with a new form of art.

This summer, children have an opportunity to experience arts on a whole new level with an exciting experience created just for them. Young artists spend summer days immersed in our spacious arts campus, surrounded by the beauty and power of creativity. They learn firsthand that there are no limits when it comes to imagination.


For further details reach out to BrainArt team at +91-9071006309 / +91-9972944894. To register click below.

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