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Create, Design, Innovate! Entrepreneurship Camp

Online Entrepreneurship Camp

Create, Design, Innovate at the Online Entrepreneurship Camp for kids. Founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs from Singapore’s incubator, The Creative Square Company, the camp offers a wide variety of workshops to develop the participant’s confidence and knowledge in life skills.

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What Kids will Learn

With five days of jam-packed fun, your children will get a chance to develop their own BIG ideas, build a prototype, and develop a branded business through to their final pitch to investors! Creative brainstorming in the ideation stage, critical thinking, and problem solving are some of the key skills that will be taught as your kids collaborate with other campers to learn the importance of teamwork, as well as understand the principles of negotiation and public speaking.

Module Details

Individual Development: Public Speaking | Management | Team Building | Self-Confidence | Personal Branding | Social Media

Business Strategy: Design Thinking | Business Planning | Building a Prototype | Product Validation | Financial Planning | Sales & Marketing | Negotiation Skills | Time Management | Sales, Digital Tools