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About CraftyNutz

CraftyNutz is about love for art and craft. Being born out of passion, here we aim at spreading across some unique techniques of crafting. We provide the participants with all raw material need for the particular craft technique. We discuss unique design ideas with each participant before starting a project so that everyone feels connected to their artwork. The finished craftwork is good enough to be decorated in their homes or can be used for the specific display. Workshops are designed to be interactive so that all participants discuss and take home many more ideas besides their project.

Classes offered at CraftyNutz

Art & Craft Classes
✓ Accessory Making✓ Acrylic Painting✓ Ceramic Painting✓ 3D Ceramic Mural✓ Clay Craft✓ Clay Modelling✓ Clay Painting✓ Clay Play✓ Decoupage✓ Doodling✓ Envelope Making✓ Glass Craft✓ Glass Painting✓ Glass Mural✓ Mosaic✓ Paper Craft✓ Pot Painting✓ Raisin Mural✓ Waste Craft
Age group
5 years plus
What kids learn
The kids learn techniques of various art and craft. They make the proposed project and later they can innovate and make similar things at home .
Class size
8 Kids
Student teacher ratio
8 : 1
2 hours

Material is provided

How to register
To register for the class, get in touch with Pratibha at the number mentioned above