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The Craft Caravan

About The Craft Caravan

About us

The Craft Caravan, offers ‘Craft on Your Birthday’ activity which instils a sense of companionship and creating things together. All projects are well thought through keeping in mind timelines. The crafts would also be customized to the theme of the birthday party. The creations could even work as birthday favours.

The biggest gift passed on would be an hour of reflection and learning!

Party with The Craft Caravan

Age Group
6 years and above
Packages could be considered if the group is large.
Performance Duration
1 – 1.5 hours
Starts at Rs 500 / - per child.
Additional Info
All materials required for crafting are included in the cost.

Booking The Craft Caravan for a party

How to book?
Services can be booked over the phone or via email.
Minimum Requirement
Minimum 10 kids required to conduct the crafting activity.
Payment can be made in cash or via net banking. Transportation charge is additional. Advance payment required to book the service.
Set up requirement
Seating arrangement
Scissors if the group is larger than 10.