10 Excellent cooking and baking camps for kids this summer

10 Excellent cooking and baking camps for kids this summer Cover Image

Cooking is an art, love for which can be cultivated early in life. If you’d like to empower your little ones with this essential life skill, choose from amongst these 10 best camps curated for you.

Cookies, cakes, pizzas, ice creams, now which kid (or adult) does not want these? Come holidays and there’s a constant request for some yummy tummy treats. This summer, make a little change. With this list of cooking and baking camps, get them to learn to cook or bake mouth-watering dishes. Have them surprise themselves and you in the kitchen.

Think of it, in this age of global and cultural fusion, cooking is no longer an optional skill. It’s important that every person, man or woman, learns to be self-reliant in this sphere. So, why not start young and let our kids learn the tricks of the trade early on? The added benefits like gaining a newfound love for home cooked food or respect for the hands that serve are welcome too.

Here are top 10 cooking and baking camps that we have curated for you from over 37 camps in this category.

This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in this category here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any

Summer Kidchen Cover Image

1 Summer Kidchen

8 weeks of fun with not just food but Science, art and stories too. Learn to make edible books, go on a culinary tour, discover the superheroic qualities of nuts and so much more. Have a foodilicous camp!

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Learn to Decorate Cupcakes Cover Image

2 Learn to Decorate Cupcakes

Learn to make decadent sugary figurines, cream piping, and mix edible colours to decorate a cupcake, You even get to take back home two cupcakes decorated by you. Three batches with different age-groups; register now!

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Konsult Junior Chef Summer Camp Cover Image

3 Develop a passion for baking!

A baking camp where kids will not only learn to make delicacies but also learn to view cooking as an essential skill and a disciplined art. Kids will be able to successfully collaborate and add creativity to cooking.

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Baking Summer Camp Cover Image

4 Baking Summer Camp

Muffins, cookies, cakes or cupcakes, what do you choose to bake? Well, learn to do them all right from scratch. Do register before 7th April.

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Summer Baking Camp Cover Image

5 Summer Baking Camp

Oreos, chocolate flower pots, ice creams and cupcake bouquets, if these sound tempting how much more fun it would be to bake them? Go on, register for this fun baking workshop now! There are multiple venues and batches to pick from.

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Do It Yourself Titbits Cover Image

6 Do It Yourself Titbits

Don't we all love the crispy, tasty in-between the meals? Well, grab this opportunity to learn to make pastas, canapes, healthy chaats, delectable dips, and so much more, all on a no-fire mode. Register soon for the May batch.

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Little Chef Cover Image

7 Little Chef

Have a child who's fussy about food? This cooking workshop will inspire kids to love food as they learn to cook and eat all by their own. Camp starts soon. So, hurry!

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Mustard Summer Camp Cover Image

8 Mustard Summer Camp

Learn not just cooking but also communicating, speaking in public, Zumba, dance, and more in this unique camp. You can choose the length of the camp. Check out the detailed itinerary, now!

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Hobby Lobby Summer Camp Cover Image

9 Learn robotics and mechatronics in this fun STEM camp!

This is a wholesome package for kids of different ages who would have varied interests. From jelly cake baking to robotics to chess to handwriting and public speaking, this one has it all.

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Baking Classes For Children Cover Image

10 Baking Classes For Children

A 3-day cooking and baking workshop that will teach the art of culinary to young chefs. Make your own savouries, cakes, soups, and more. Note: all recipes are eggless.

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