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Space Camp Bangalore 2018

Cindrebay Nurture Space Camp

Bangalore Space Camp is organized by the Cindery Nurture Club, an educational enterprise based out in Bangalore. The objective of the camp is to open up avenues for students and leverage on their creativity and imagination in learning various themes. It will also help them acquire relevant knowledge and skill and help them to identify professions of their interest.

Space camp 2018 is the 5th in the series. The first 4 programs conducted in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 had excited the students very much. Space Camp is being conducted as an annual program during April every year since 2014. At the Space Camp, participants get the rare opportunity to hear and interact with the Who is Who of Indian Space Research and Astrophysics. They get to know the recent developments in Space Science and Technology, importance and benefits of Space Research to common man. Career options in Space Research, Space Technology and Space Astronomy etc. They are also allowed to present their ideas and projects and the same is discussed among the group under the guidance of mentors. They also visit ISRO facilities and see how satellites are getting assembled and how deep space missions are being tracked by our scientist from the earth stations.

Activities include Interactive multimedia lectures, science experiments, Q & A sessions, Field Trips, Student projects/idea presentations, Space quiz, essay competitions etc.


To register, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the event website www.nurtureclub.com and post your enquiry there.
  • After preliminary screening the enrolment links will be sent to those students who are seen having keen interest in Space and Astro Physics.
  • First Come First Serve. Students recommended by school principal will be given preference.