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About Cilre

Cilre is a trendy & fun-based educational organization. Founded in 2013, Cilre has grown into a company that has worked with over 1000 children and adults. They create an atmosphere which is non judgemental, deals in exploration of various subjects and experience-based learning. They offer a wide variety of disciplines and different tools for learning so that the learning experiences inspire learners to explore, develop and create on their own.

At Cilre they believe a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates but a great teacher inspires.

Workshops by Cilre

Age Group
3 to 16 years
What Kids Learn
The activities conducted during the workshops are non judgemental, exploratory and encourage experience based learning. Children are introduced to different tools for learning through stories, hands on activities and games.
✓ Art✓ Enhanced Learning✓ Emotional Intelligence✓ Puppetry✓ Robotics✓ Science Activities✓ Theatre
Workshop Size
Upto 15 Kids
1 to 3 hours depending on the type of workshop.
All the materials used during the workshop are provided.
Charges vary based on the type of workshop
How to register
To register for workshop send an email to workshops@cilre.com or call +91-9986015483

Classes offered at Cilre

Learning & Development
✓ Communication✓ Creativity✓ Creative Writing✓ Programming✓ Reading✓ Storytelling
Age group
3-16 years
Class size
They have maximum 15 kids in a group.