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Children’s Theatre Summer Classes 2019

Children’s Theatre Summer Classes

This summer, introduce your children to Theatre Summer Classes where they get learn the beautiful Folk Dances of Karnataka, Story Telling through Puppetry and Leadership through Theatre.

Activities Planned For The Camp

  • Folk Dance Of Karnataka: It is rejuvenation time for folk tradition all across the country! They define our roots, our culture, our heritage. And it is important that our children experience and imbibe the richness and flavor of our culture. Let your children enter the world of The Folk Dances Of Karnataka.
  • Story Telling Through Puppetry: Listening to stories with puppets is so exciting and engrossing for Children. Imagine how much more exciting it would be for them to create their own stories and narrate them with puppets!
  • Leadership Through Theatre: Leadership is a crucial life skill that every child has to imbibe in order to succeed in this competitive world. A stress-free, fun-filled way to acquire these skills along with the Joy of Theatre! Can summer vacation gat any better?