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Brazilian Soccer Schools

About Brazilian Soccer Schools

Brazilian Soccer School (BSS) is one of the largest grassroots football training organisations located in the United Kingdom and currently operating in over 20 countries around the world. They attribute their success and popularity with children to a structured approach to training and proprietary syllabus of 200 individual core movements and skills. They teach their players to initially focus on acquiring their individual all round technique and mastery of the ball.  As they mature mentally and physically, their training will start to incorporate tactics as well as the physical and mental chapters of the training programme. They do not believe in the myth of natural talent or overnight success. What they do believe in is hard work, perseverance and practice. Their philosophy is that through an increased number of training hours involving constant repetition, players can refine and improve their skills in all areas of the game.

Classes offered at Brazilian Soccer Schools

Sports Coaching
✓ Floor Exercise✓ Football✓ Nutrition Guidance✓ Physical Fitness
Age group
5 to 8 yrs 8 to 11 yrs 11 yrs plus
What kids learn
Futebol de Salao is played on a pitch the size of a basketball court with a smaller and heavier (465g) ball that has virtually no bounce (10%) that is exclusively made for the training. The result is an insanely fast, tightly compressed and highly pressurized environment of 5 a side football in which the core moves and skills within the syllabus can be trialled in a game environment.

They use music for the entire duration of the class. The students are given Skill badges once they master the skill & they have 36 core skills like Floor to Air Move, Juggling, Turning, Core Moves, Moves to beat players, Balance & Traps, Passing, etc., in various levels.
Class size
Max upto 20 kids
Student teacher ratio
Batch timings

Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

1 hour 30 minutes
Rs.4250/- per month (Including GST @ 18%)
Rs.12000/- Quarterly (Including GST @ 18%)
The students get a Skill badge if they clear it. Skill badge test is conducted once in a year.

They hold the rights for India for both Brazilian Soccer Schools and International Federation of Futebol de Salao.

How to register
Please call up the call centre to register for the classes: +91-7349533777 or +91-9741421600