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Brave the Rock

Brave The Rock is family rock climbing adventure where you literally get out and try something new. So join team Honey Bees, Vicky Smith (AKA Little Miss Compassion) and Team Equilibrium as they take you and your family on a journey that will challenge, inspire and excite you to connect with nature through the sport of rock climbing.

It’s ideal for families with children and younger kids are welcome at no cost. No prior experience necessary to participate in the event.

The climbing gear, qualified instructors, refreshments, eco-therapy exercises and family fun are inclusive and the last day to register is the 25th February. So hurry and be a part of this adventure

h3. About Vicky Smith

Vicky, AKA Little Miss Compassion, is currently working with kids to help fight climate change. Her programme is called ‘Courageous Craft’ and one of the themes of this programme is nurturing a courageous spirit through nature based activity. Vicky believes we need a courageous spirit to become more loving towards the environment. An avid climber herself, Vicky will will also facilitate Eco-therapy exercises related to this theme.