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BrainArt Online Visual Art Workshop

Online Visual Art Workshop

BrainArt’s Online visual art classes from BrainArt helps children learn to think and express their ideas better with art. The techniques taught are spot on and by the time your kids finish this workshop, they’d have finished an entire piece of artwork as well. The course will cover more complex forms of visual art but in a simpler way. Activity worksheets consisting of what they have learnt during the class and experimental project will be sent to all participants once they complete the topic. This is a 3 month program and will be conducted by the BrainArt team.

What kids will learn in this course

Module 1 will introduce children to 19th Century Artist and their Art contribution. They will also be learning about the concepts of Visual art & Art Elements.

Module 2 is designed to cover the Painting techniques of Master artists. Vincent Van Gogh, Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai and Modernism artist Georgia O’ Keeffe.

Module 3 is craft-based project. This module will also cover project based Craft like Area & Perimeter (Origami Pop ups)and Victor Vasarely 3D shape Icosahedron. Children will learn about Victor style of “Vega-Nor” and “Vega 200”. Participants will also learn about Claude Monet “Father of impressionism” and his painting The Japanese Footbridge