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BrainArt Online Art Classes

BrainArt Online Art Classes

Let your kids reveal their creativity while staying at home with BrainArt’s Online Art classes. The online art classes will help develop their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive thinking & creative expression. It will give your kids an opportunity to connect, identify and construct their cultural identities. All of this and more through fun activities that will encourage development and participation in art while honing important techniques. Look forward to experiments with various colours and media.

Module 1 | Art & Origami

  1. Resist Effect
  2. Texture with salt
  3. Paper cutting & folding
  4. Origami
  5. Tribal Art of India, WARLI

Module 2 | Colors and Shapes

  1. Mary Blair’s Disney’s Castle
  2. Paper Butterfly Hand puppet (Craft activity)
  3. Finger printing: Doodles and Poodles
  4. Cotton swab painting
  5. Ted Harrison’s “Northern Landscapes”

Module 3 | Color Theory, Patterns & Craft

  1. Make an Adorable Origami Doll House
  2. Chameleons-Primary colors to secondary colors
  3. Introduction to French artist Robert Delaunay.
  4. Introduction to Mary Cassatt (Stacked Teacup)