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About BrainArt

BrainArt is a creative hub and a platform for children that includes arts & crafts, recreational as well as educational activities. Founded by Pavithra, BrainArt lays the foundation for a comprehensive art curriculum along with a host of self-enhancing, self-exploration and skill development programs. The curriculum based structured art classes comprise customised lesson plans for each student using varied approaches thereby nurturing every child’s perspectives, opinions and personal goals. Their courses aim to offer a step-by-step structure for understanding visual art principles which in turn encourages creative development in an inspirational environment. Aiming to help those who wish to expand their artistic sensibilities; to explore, innovate, engage, learn and express is the essence of BrainArt.

Courses offered at BrainArt

  1. Structured art classes. Students will learn everything about art which includes artist, art, art movements & many more.
  2. Weekend workshops, it will be usually more than 4 to 5 sessions in a month / 3 to 4 hrs per session, where participants learn about technique history associated artist’s related to media and art movements.
  3. Portfolio preparation courses for adults, which will help them in supporting college application, university or further studies on Fine arts, arts & design foundation, fashion designing, architecture.
  4. Artwork workshops and classes for corporates on subjects like ‘Art therapy’, Acrylic, oil & watercolors.
  5. Short courses on Medium’s like Watercolor, Oil Paints, acrylic, papier Mache 2D/3D sculptures.
  6. BrainArt Sensory program aims to stimulate and enhance the child cognitive, social, fine motor skill through various sensory art experience. Skills such as develop attention, follow instructions, focus, eye hand coordination, social communication & interaction skills as well. It is a fun activity for children to explore different mediums of art & improve their self-confidence & creativity.

Classes offered at BrainArt

Art & Craft Classes
✓ Charcoal Painting✓ Clay Modelling✓ Crayons Painting✓ Drawing And Painting✓ Oil Painting✓ Sculpture✓ Sketching
Age group
1.5 to 18 yrs+
What kids learn
  • Age: 1.5 to 3 yrs: Sensory art class for toddlers
  • Age: 4 to 7 years: There will be a common thread throughout each course, from line to color to 3D. They work towards a different theme each half term, using a range of materials to produce our final piece.
  • Age: 8 to 13 years: Students will learn different artistic styles using a whole range of drawing and painting techniques, encouraging self-discipline and experimentation, whilst working towards a theme. Each course will include observational drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint.
  • Age: 13 to 15+ (adults): The art portfolio preparation course is designed for those that need tailored advice and high standards of expertise with their applications. They target the student’s needs to enhance their creativity but also to improve the technical and visual resolutions of their creations. They also provide assistance to students to complete their college projects.
Class size
10 - 12 per class
Student teacher ratio
Batch timings

Toddler Class: Saturday 11:00 am to 11:45 am

1 hour

The material required for the classes are not included in the class fee. However, they have various drawing and painting package combinations for sale at the studio which have been recommended by the professional art teachers.

Age 4 to 7 yrs : Rs.1400 /- Age 8 to 12 yrs: Rs.1600/- Age 13 to 15 +: Rs.1800/-
The students get a certificate on completion of the program.