10 Trending birthday party themes ‘in a box’

10 Trending birthday party themes ‘in a box’ Cover Image

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Planning a themed birthday party for your kid and worried about sourcing all the materials on time? Choose “party in a box” by ‘Dottedi’, that literally puts all your needs in a box.

A child’s birthday is a momentous occasion and it’s natural for kids and parents to want the celebration to be a memorable affair. However, organizing a birthday party these days is unlike our times when having a simple cake, wafers and juice sufficed. Birthday party themes rule the roost today. Every detail from plates and napkins to cake table décor and return gifts matters.

While it’s a lot of fun to decide the theme, source the materials, keep it a hush-hush affair, and finally put it all together to surprise the kids and create beautiful memories, the truth is that we all lead busy lives.

Along with managing home, family, kids and a job, we juggle several other responsibilities on a daily basis. You’d agree that it can get exhausting and time-consuming to plan and organize every aspect of a party from scratch.

Do you know how expensive everything is today? So, how can you ensure you don’t compromise on your child’s happiness while also saving energy and money?

Say hi to “Party in a box” by Dottedi. Founded by the immensely talented Naadia, Dottedi thoughtfully curates all the elements that are required for a birthday party into one box for you.

Why Party in a box?


It’s your angel in disguise when you want parties to be a homely affair yet replete with frills.

All the basic elements of a themed party come together in a box. From banners and balloons to buntings, from pinata to cupcake stands conform to the selected theme, are personalized with your child’s name and offered at extremely reasonable rates too.

Who can choose Party in a box?


While this is a boon for working parents or for someone who needs creative help, ‘Party in a box’ is also a sure fit for those parents who love to add a touch of their own creativity. Dottedi is one of the preferred kids birthday party organisers in Bangalore. Come to think of it, with so much time saved already, the creative juices can do more wonders, isn’t it?

What’s included in Dottedi’s Party in a box?

  1. A personalized banner
  2. Set theme buntings
  3. 10 ‘Thank you’ tags/water bottle stickers / 2*2 inch stickers
  4. 8 Pom Pom / 8 Pinwheels
  5. Danglers (Thematic)
  6. Balloons
  7. 5 sets of paper decoration 3D or skirts depending on the theme.
  8. Themed Pinata
  9. Cupcake stand
  10. Knick Knacks: 2 packets of tissues, 2 packets whistles, and 1 set extra paper prints.

Sneak Peak into Party in a Box

There’s a basic package that caters to a party with 5-10 kids and an advanced package for kids older than 10.

Take a look at these 10 lovely birthday party themes!

1. Moana: Follow your heart, says the spirited Moana!


2. Carnival: Come one, come all, the party clown is in town!


3. Trolls: Set the excitement rolling; here comes craziness trolling


4. Frozen: Break the ice between pals, but freeze the fun


5. Birthday in a box: Pop the balloon, let out squeals, it’s a boisterous bash!


6. Ben and Holly: When the mood’s jolly, it gets crazier with Ben & Holly


7. Soccer: Pass the zeal, kick up the spirits, that’s a perfect goal!


8. Dinky Car: Rev up some feisty fervour, when it’s more, it’s merrier!


9. Butterfly: Frolic away, little dainties; have a colourful time!


10. B3 Theme: Burst the balloons, blow some bubbles; gear up for a rocking party!



Like what you see? Go ahead and choose one of these favourite party themes for the next upcoming birthday.

*This is a post in collaboration with the brand. The information and opinions are unbiased and stated as it were.

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