10 best things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend – Mar 18th, 19th & 20th

10 best things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend – Mar 18th, 19th & 20th Cover Image

Are you ready for a relaxing weekend with your kids? Pick an activity from what we’ve handpicked for you, parents.

If you’re looking for the best  things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend or any weekend for that matter, BuzzingBubs is your best bet. Every week BuzzingBubs curates and selects the best events, workshops, sessions and things-to-do in the city.

Here are 10 fun activities for this weekend selected just for you by our team. Choose from theatre, Nature walk, baking, horse-riding and Holi fun.

Embassy International Riding School Kids Camp Cover Image

1 Trot, canter, gallop at this fun riding camp for kids!

Some of us can never outgrow the ‘I love Horses’ phase. The EIRS Kid’s Camp that is on from March 18th to 20th is the best chance to get acquainted with the wonderful world of horses. The children get to do everything around the stables with loads of riding time and super fun activities too.

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Sounds Of Nature Cover Image

2 Sing a capella choir with Nature

When was the last time you became aware of Nature humming a tune? Come, join the Sounds of Nature as the famous choirist, Reshma D'souza, trains you to hear nature's song and sing along. Learn to make your own instruments from natural resources!

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Playjam – Swap Bands Cover Image

3 Swap some joy as you 'band' together with Playjam

Playjams are collaborative play sessions for parents & children designed to build curiosity and build a maker mentality in children. Each session focuses on a new topic. This weekend we're going to make some wristbands and swap them with each other.

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Sculpting Ideas Cover Image

4 Listen to a story and sculpt your own!

Join Illustrator and writer, Vishakha Chachani, as she takes children on a treasure hunt through the book, ‘The House that Sonabai Built’. The book reading will be followed by clay work where she will encourage them to tell their own stories through the medium of clay.

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Rangholi: A Celebration of Colours Cover Image

5 Celebrate Holi with colour experiments and story elements @ Rangholi

At "Rangholi", Holi is more than just colours. Through stories and paper chromatography, children are taught to experiment with the various shades of colours and, in turn, transform themselves and the canvas.

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Easter Workshop by Jus’ Trufs Cover Image

6 Get an early start on Easter! Bake yummy-licious cakes and eggs!

Do you drool over the utterly-buttery desserts behind the glass counter each time Easter approaches? Now, learn to make these at home and rope in your kids to do the same! Have Master Chocolatier, Chenddyna Schae teach you this Easter, to bake and make perfect Ganaches, cupcakes, Easter eggs, lollipops, buttercream, and much more.

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LBB Dessert Bazaar 2016 Cover Image

7 Craving an intoxicating 'sweet' affair? Don't miss this bazaar!

LBB dessert bazaar comes to Namma Ooru for the first time, bringing an eclectic mix of the best home bakers, cake makers, and pastry chefs under one roof. Be prepared to tickle your taste buds with the sweetest mix of flavours. Did you want beer and a cocktail? That's on the menu too!

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Whitefiled Tree Walk by EcoEdu Cover Image

8 Befriend the trees & converse with bees with Eco Edu!

What better way to spend the early hours of the day than with Nature! Take your family on a morning walk to learn about the avenue trees in our city with EcoEdu. While you get introduced to the trees, get mesmerised by stories about the tiny creatures that may accompany you on your walk.

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World Childrens Theatre Day Cover Image

9 All the world's a stage at this theatre workshop!

A fun-filled theatre workshop for children to celebrate world children's theatre day. The emphasis will be working on improvising and design.

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Nurturing Nature – Gardening Exploration Cover Image

10 Nurture the soul through Nature

At Nurturing Nature, a child gets to explore Nature through music, stories, and gardening; a hands-on fun time for tiny tots with planting and sowing seeds, nature exploration activities and nature crafts.

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