18 Mother toddler classes & activity centres in Bangalore

18 Mother toddler classes & activity centres in Bangalore Cover Image

Looking for a place where you can expose your newly-minted toddler to learning-based skills, fun activities and at the same time enjoy some bonding time? Here are 18 excellent mother-toddler programs we recommend for you.

The transition of a child from infancy to toddlerhood is a milestone for both, the baby and the mother. The phase is marked by a lot of physical and emotional changes. Toddlers are far more demanding of the caregiver’s time and need activities that are varied and stimulating enough to develop all the faculties.

While a home is the best place to offer a loving, caring and safe environment, we have a slew of activity centres that parallel the home atmosphere and offer structured programs to ease out the burden on the mother to keep the child engaged at all times and also enjoy a stress-free bonding time. Not just that, they make for a perfect avenue to meet like-minded fellow parents and share the parenting journey.

Here are 18 best mother-toddler programs that combine the best of techniques to impart crucial skills while also keeping the environment light and fun for the parent and child.

Note: while most programs go by the name of “mother-toddler”, unless otherwise specified, most of them welcome dad and grandparents too.

1. Your Baby Can, Arekere, Koramangala, HSR

Child exploring cards from Your Baby Can

Start young and watch them learn and grow at an astounding pace. Your Baby Can is a language development program developed by early learning experts in the US based on the principles of neuroscience. 

Using the principles of neuroscience, Your Baby Can recognises the pace of brain development in babies and uses this window of opportunity to teach language skills that have long-term benefits in the child’s overall growth. The program has been in implementation for over 25 years across 100 countries. It has been designed by Dr. Robert Titzer, an infant and toddler researcher based on neuroscience philosophy. Your Baby Can focuses on language development using multi-sensorial and interactive methods that are natural to the baby. These activities stimulate the baby’s senses and satisfy the need for linguistic nutrition in a fun filled way.

Age group: 3 months to 5 years

Classes offered: ✓Action Songs ✓Coordination ✓Communication ✓Cognitive Skills ✓Creativity ✓Early Socialisation ✓Emotional Skills ✓Imagination Skills ✓Language Skills ✓Music & Learning ✓Self Esteem ✓Sharing ✓Storytelling

Address: Click here to view the multiple venues

3. BrightRight, Indiranagar

BrightRight Mother Child Bonding

Logic and math are great skills to have but one must also dream about castles and magic. Let your toddler remain a curious learner, the right side of the brain is a great friend and teacher.

While most educational pedagogy concentrates on developing the logical thinking and therein the left brain faculties, RightBrain is the first education program that stresses on boosting memory, intuition, concentration and observation. The parent-child program uses techniques that boost the innate curiosity and thirst for learning in toddlers.

Age group: 4 months to 6 years

Classes offered: ✓ Balance✓ Challenging Activity✓ Coordination✓ General Knowledge✓ Imagination Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Mobility✓ Physical Activity✓ Play Based Learning

Address: Click here to view the multiple venues

4. The Little Gym, Cunningham Road, HSR Layout, Whitefield

Parent Child Program at The Little Gym Cunningham Road

Stand on your head, leap over that bar; try a little harder you can surely climb higher. Take heart, mothers, with martial arts as a headstart, your kids will shine as superstars.

True to its name, The Little Gym provides little kids the much-needed outlet and the required training to build their muscles and train them in skills like martial arts, gymnastics, dance and more. They aim to raise happy and confident kids through a range of programs including the parent-toddler classes.

Age group: 4 months to 12 years

Classes offered: ✓ Floor Exercise✓ Gymnastics✓ Kids Gym✓ Physical Fitness

Address: Click here to view the multiple venues

5. Rhythm & Rhyme

Infant & toddler classes

Sing a rhyme, dance to the beat but there’s more to it. If you pay attention, there’s a rhythm even to the heartbeat!

There’s scientific evidence that music and dance benefit little kids in more ways than one. Rhythm N Rhyme conceptualizes programs that use music and dance movements. that There’s a pattern that kids begin to recognize and the movement helps them with the coordination and develops their cognitive faculties.

Age group: 6 months to 5 years

Classes offered: ✓ Action Songs✓ Balance✓ Coordination✓ Communication✓ Creativity✓ Early Socialisation✓ Motor Skills✓ Music & Learning✓ Physical Activity✓ Sharing

Address: Click here to view the multiple venues

6. Safari Kid Early Explorer Program, Whitefield

Activity Time at Safari Kid

Did you spot your kid share a smile and her favourite toy? Soon, you’ll notice how she cares well for the younger lot. If you observe well, our techniques make for a great takeaway.

Toddlers largely learn from play, a lot of which is unstructured and at home. This mother-toddler program focuses on getting a structured schedule for them that includes plenty of creative activities and circle time. The parent/caregiver gets to bond on a one-on-one basis. Their Early Explorer program is a great way for parents to pick up developmental techniques that can be used at home.

Age group: 8 to 15 months

Classes offered: ✓ Coordination✓ Cognitive Skills✓ Early Socialisation✓ Emotional Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Mobility

Address: The Sommer House, 186/A, Whitefield Main Road, Opposite Forum Value Mall, Bangalore 560066

7. Papagoya Toddler Program, Frazer Town

Sensory Board Activity Board

Play and explore, there’s so much to learn and observe. Be sure and confident, but take your time, little one, here we wait for everyone!

India’s first Norwegian Kindergarten uses the Scandinavian methods of raising young, confident kids who love to learn through play and exploration. Their play equipment is designed with a lot of thought and care. Every child is allowed to learn and grow at his/her natural pace.

Age group: 10 months to 2 years

Classes offered: ✓ Action Songs✓ Communication✓ Early Socialisation✓ Emotional Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Music & Learning✓ Storytelling

Address: # (4) 8, Saunders Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore 560005

8. Mommy and Me with Su, Jayamahal

Bonding time with child

Su keeps a keen eye on your munchkin even as she teaches your child many skills. Treat this as a trial run before your child is ready to grow wings.

The transition of a child from toddlerhood to the pre-school years is an emotional one for the mother as well as the child. The activities at Mommy and me with Su are aimed to understand the emotional, social and physical needs of a child so that both-the parent and the child-are well prepared when the time for transition arrives. Dads are most welcome to participate too!

Age group: 10 to 26 months

Classes offered: ✓ Cognitive Skills✓ Creative Thinking✓ Early Socialisation✓ Emotional Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Physical Activity

Address: At KaraKids, 102/7, 1st Main Road, Jayamahal Extension, Bangalore 560046

9. The Rainbow Villa Toddler Program, St.Marks Road

The Rainbow Villa Toddler Program

Tap a foot, shake a leg, with some rhyme and rhythm, see your tots glow from within.

Head over to The Rainbow Villa at St.Marks Road, the aesthetics of the colonial villa will charm you first and then their well-designed, thought out activities for toddlers will further impress you. The teachers are professionals who understand the developmental and emotional needs of toddlers. Their programs are conceptualized accordingly where the parents play an equal role.

Age group: 10 to 30 months

Classes Offered: ✓ Action Songs✓ Balance✓ Coordination✓ Early Socialisation✓ Emotional Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Music & Learning✓ Self Esteem✓ Sharing

Address: 57, 58, 60, St Mark’s Road, Opposite Bowring Institute, Bangalore 560001

10. Mother & Me Program, RMV 2nd Stage

Kids enjoying in the Ball Pool


Tots, learn to stack the blocks steeper but always place your values higher. Mothers, watch your child grow in stature while you sneak in some fun and laughter.

This mother-toddler program offered by Little Lamps aims to provide a holistic development for little kids using multiple intelligence methods in a safe and caring environment. The activities are also designed in a manner that allows the mothers to bond with the kid in the most natural way.

Age group: 12 to 22 months

Classes ordered: ✓ Coordination✓ Communication✓ Early Socialisation✓ Emotional Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Mobility✓ Music & Learning✓ Physical Activity✓ Sharing✓ Storytelling

Address: #445, 5th Main, 8th Cross, RMV 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560094

13. Little Tots, Koramangala

Mother Toddler Program at Little Tots

You might think the kids simply dance and sing, perhaps listen to some lore with play galore. Be assured they are learning skills superior, for our methods run deep under. 

Which toddler does not like to sing and dance? What if they can acquire crucial learning skills through these along with sensory stimulation games, stories and free play? Little Tots gives the toddler a free reign while subtly enforcing skill-based activities. The parent is equally involved in making the program greater fun.

Age group: 1 to 2.5 years

Classes offered: ✓ Balance✓ Coordination✓ Communication✓ Early Socialisation✓ Motor Skills✓ Sharing✓ Storytelling

Address: No 774, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034

14. Nisha Millet Parent Toddler Swimming Program, Koramangala, Musuem Road, Old Airport Road and Whitefield

Nisha Millet Toddler Parent Swimming Program

Splash about in the pool, ask your mom to dive in with you. Oh, but, is she as cool as you? 

The program based on the AUSTSWIM guidelines focuses on getting your toddler to be comfortable in the waters along with a lot of body movements, rhymes, hand and eye coordination techniques. This is also a great way to bond with your little one as you’re at the same eye level with your child with a lot of body contact too.

Age group: 1 to 4 years, Separate batches for age groups: 1 to 2.5 years and 2.6 to 4 years.

Classes offered: Hand-eye, foot-eye coordination to improve muscle tone, safety skills, socialising with other kids, skin to skin time bonding, improve immunity, intellectual and physical stimulation.

Address: Multiple Branches

16. PLAY by Vitality, Domlur

Coach teaching kid how to Balance

Introduce your precious one to the water, there’s no reason to fear as we have the best and gentle trainers. The experts guide your little ones ably, as the kids grow in mind and body.

PLAY by Vitality offers a mother-child swimming program conducted by Michael Phelps Academy. The 8-day session is ideal for kids of 6 months to 3 yrs of age. The 30 min sessions will have your toddlers getting used to the waters, relax with a variety of games and have loads of fun with the parent.

Age group: 1.5 to 12 years

Classes offered: ✓ Floor Exercise✓ Kids Gym✓ Nutrition Guidance✓ Physical Fitness✓ Swimming✓ Yoga

Address: 42/1,1st Floor, 4th Cross, 1st Stage, Indiranagar, Near CMH Road Metro Station, Bangalore 560038

17. Sporty Beans, Koramangala

SportyBeans Football Fun for Birthday Party

Catch or dribble, toss or tackle, it’s not just a game but a chance to focus and grow. Be a sport and you’ll rise and shine, whether you’re a toddler or a high-schooler.

Sports teaches kids to be a team-player as well as gives them the confidence and ability to take quick decisions. Sporty beans trains kids in several sports as young as 2 years using positive and encouraging methods. The equipment and training are tweaked to suit the child’s age and aptitude.

Age group: 2 to 9 years

Classes offered: ✓ Baseball✓ Basketball✓ Cricket✓ Floor Exercise✓ Football✓ Golf✓ Hockey✓ Physical Fitness✓ Rugby✓ Tennis✓ Volleyball

Address: ILM Montessori, 332, 5th Main, 1st Block, Behind Wipro Park, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560095

18. Our Story Shelf, Old Airport Road

Our Story Shelf Book Library

Letters are sounds; words become adventurous roads; pick a book and discover a whole new world, each time, every time!

Reading out aloud to babies and toddlers has far-reaching effects in terms of brain development. Since most of the brain development happens before the age of 5 years, kids who have been read out to in their early formative years are shown to have an edge over the rest. Our Story Shelf is a journey that introduces kids as young as a year old to books, gently nudging them to develop a life-long love for books.

Age group: 1 to 7 years

Classes offered: They hold a mixed set of activities. Kindly get in touch with them for further details.

Address: The Green Pocket, #37 Rustam Bagh, Old Airport Road, Bangalore 560017

19. Cubby Tales, Koramangala, Hebbal


Jump and twist, shake or walk; with every step, it’s a different experience. We make it fun for you even as pick up plenty of skills too!

Toddlers love a routine and when it’s filled with things they can relate to, it’s all the more fun and exciting. Starting with a small prayer to a fun introductory session to lots of rhythm, rhymes, painting, and outdoor fun games, every session is loosely designed around a theme. They even have sensory walks where the toddlers walk barefoot on different mediums like water, sand, water, pebbles and more.

Age group: 10-24 months

Classes offered: They have a range of interesting activities that include indoor and outdoor time.

Address: Click here to view the multiple venues

Follow Your Child

Follow Your Child Toddler Class
Did you know that to mindfully engage your child, you simply have to ‘follow your child’? That’s exactly what they do at the Follow Your Child – Zero to Six parent-toddler workshop. 

By following your child, you discover their interests, potential and walk beside them in their path to discovery. This set of passionate Montessori facilitators Ankita and Tripti have observed the interactions between children and parents and have devised a program to plug in the gaps. Follow your child provides useful learning materials to engage your child’s senses and build on language, art, arithmetic and sciences. These activities engage your child in mindful work to help reduce their screen time. Children will also learn to help out at home, be courteous, become independent, improve concentration and become interested in story time while parents become master storytellers!

Age group: 0 – 6 years

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