5 Reasons why summer camps for infants & toddlers are beneficial

5 Reasons why summer camps for infants & toddlers are beneficial Cover Image

Think your child is too young for a summer camp? We opine that even infants and toddlers can benefit much from one.

Besides taking some pressure off the caregiver during the day, a summer camp ensures that the child is exposed to a lot of activities in a fun manner. The fact that most organizers make sure that the environment is hygienic, safe and caring enough for a little child to feel comfortable makes summer camps a viable and interesting option.

Here are 5 excellent reasons for you to opt for a camp this summer for your infant/toddler

1.  So much entertainment

Kids, especially toddlers, love variety. Since their attention span is also limited, it helps to have a list of things to do planned in advance to keep them happily engaged. A camp gives you the structure in that sense and also an opportunity for kids to get exposed to a wide number of genres from music to stories to pottery to gardening to Puppets shows and the list goes on.

2.  Discover a rare talent

With a plethora of summer camps available, there’s more than one camp to cater to a child’s specific areas of interests. Having said that, infancy and toddlerhood are the phases to let the child try whatever can be made available and discover possible hidden talents. One can never be sure what a kid might fancy and camps are a good way to spot that spark.

Check out our Summer Camps for Infants & Toddlers here.

3. Cherish exclusive moments

What better way to bond with your little one than over exciting activities planned especially for such moments! Also, this is a chance to meet up with other parents and form possible friendships, both for you and your child.

4. You can win as a team

Kids do not understand the concept of collaboration until after 3 or 4 years of age. As toddlers, it’s normal for them to play side-by-side with other kids and still maintain their individual apporaches to a game. A camp provides a conducive environment where they get to interact with other kids and work as a team. This will give the tots an idea of how team play works and how they can learn to share and still have fun.

5.  Give me wings so I can fly

Spending a few hours away from the parent is a huge milestone for a toddler and in a sense this is a small step towards raising confident kids who do not shy away from trusting their abilities and are able to think on their own.

Convinced yet about the positive impact of a camp for your precious one? We’d love to know what you think.

Have you found your camp yet? Have a look at BuzzingBubs Guide to Summer Camps.


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