Conquer the world of Math at beGalileo!

Conquer the world of Math at beGalileo! Cover Image

If you find learning math to be challenging or tedious, then the beGalileo program will change the subject for you. They use interesting material and multiple tools to help you master the subject with ease. Read all about their program and what students have to say in this article.

Whether you love math or hate math, you can never avoid it! Math is all around us. We just need to open our minds to it! Don’t be afraid to take on the challenge and master this subject through a math learning program. It’s not impossible!

beGalileo is a math enrichment program designed to empower young learners to master math in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Yes, math can be fun! They use multiple tools to provide a personalised and adaptive system for each child. Since learning is highly personalised, the starting point and progress of each child is defined differently.

I am impressed with be Galileo math teaching concept my daughter is very interested to go for classes she has finished 5 levels in 2 months.She can solve the workbook on her own. Invisible link book is also very good it improves there thinking skills – Says Jayashree (Parent)

Do you have math-phobia?

You don’t have to be worried about repeatedly working on problems from a text book! Their learning system is both online and offline. And they use animated videos, workbooks, activity books, logic cards, speed math and board games to help you learn the subject. Since learning is fun at beGalileo, the fear of the subject is slowly removed!

One parent said, “My daughter did not enjoy math and it was a daunting task to make her sit for math practice. So, when beGalileo classes started in my apartment, I decided to give it a try and it has been a great experience. My daughter loves the classes and she has become so comfortable with all operations and solving word problems. The invisible link books are also her favourite. We can clearly see that her ability to think logically has developed significantly.

Can learning math be fun?

At beGalileo, each topic starts with an animated video that explains the concept in a way that is fun and easy to understand. The students then start on the workbooks and the teacher guides them through it. They cover all sorts of problems and the child soon cruises through the seemingly ‘difficult’ ones as well. The child moves onto the online environment, where they work through different levels of questions in a gamified setting.

I am a teacher partner at BeGalileo from almost six months. Our mission is to break through the learning barriers and maximise the potential of each student so that they have the confidence and skills to realise their greatest dreams… Need to make them understand that learning maths can also be fun – Says Avni Goyal (Teacher Partner at beGalileo)

By the time they are done, the child is ready to face any ‘hard’ questions at school! Once you learn at beGalileo, you can never ‘forget’ it! Learning is meaningful and children get a solid foundation in the subject. They also work on a separate thinking and reasoning curriculum that prepares them for Olympiads and other competitive exams!

Samyukta, a beGalileo student says, “After joining the classes, math has started to make so much sense to me. My confidence in math has grown and I am scoring well in school. The biggest difference is the change in my approach to solving questions. I am eager to attempt any math problem, however difficult it may seem.”

Conquer the world of math and face each challenge with confidence! And of course, have loads of fun along the way! Everyone can be-Galileo!

You can register for the beGalileo program by calling +91-8050003793  or +91-7259837271. Once you register, you get a FREE summer camp for your child!


*This is a post in collaboration with the brand. Pictures have been provided by beGalileo

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