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beGalileo Math Learning Center

About beGalileo Math Learning Center

beGalileo is an afterschool math learning program designed by expert academicians and technologists for students aged 5 to 14 years old. The program uses a blended learning approach combining workbooks, videos, games and online practice to help students excel at math through conceptual understanding, problem solving and critical thinking. There programs are focused on curriculum math, building reasoning & critical thinking skills and developing an ability to do quick calculations.

beGalileo understands that a one size-fits all model is one of the main reasons for students to have a dislike or fear for a subject. The program recognizes that every child has a unique learning style. So, they first understand the child’s capabilities through a diagnostic assessment called MIDAS and then tailor the program to suit individual needs.

beGalileo currently has 500+ centers across Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

Classes offered at beGalileo Math Learning Center

Learning & Development
✓ Math Skills✓ Mental Maths
Age group
5 to 14 years
What kids learn
Each class is divided into two zones. In the Math Zone, students first understand the concept through beautifully designed videos and then masters it through specially designed books. They test their comprehension though online adaptive programs. In the Think & Reason Zone, students then sharpen their problem-solving skills through games, puzzles and activities. Overall, each beGalileo session is a wholesome learning experience for the child. In the classes, students use learning videos, workbooks, math games, strategy games, puzzle cards, speed math etc to learn and master new concepts.
Class size
6 students per batch
Student teacher ratio
6 : 1
Batch timings

beGalileo centers run weekday and weekend batches where a child can attend classes for 3 hrs a week. Parents can find a beGalileo center near their home and take a free trial class with a consultation session to understand how beGalileo can benefit their child.

Classes are available on

  • Weekdays: 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Weekends from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Timings may vary for individual centers.

1 hour

beGalileo provides workbooks, online software, learning videos, games etc along with the required stationary to the students.

Students get a participation certificate on completion of the program
beGalileo in partnership with Microsoft conducts UNMASK, an annual math competition which is taken by thousands of students across India from all leading schools. UNMASK is conducted every year between September to October. The top students are awarded cash prizes and medals.
How to register
To register you can Call/Whatsapp at +910-8050003793 or +91-7259837271. You can also send an email at contact@begalileo.com