Why Ayelet Montessori promises to be a beacon of learning

Why Ayelet Montessori promises to be a beacon of learning Cover Image

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If you’ve chosen the Montessori method of schooling for your pre-schooler but are wondering which would be an appropriate school, you’ve come to the right place.

Tucked away in a cozy nook of Mico Layout is Ayelet Montessori founded by an experienced educator and a passionate advocate of the Montessori pedagogy, Falak Randerian.

What makes Ayelet Montessori stand out from the rest of the Montessori schools?

1. Education and care right next door


Toddlerhood is when your little ones first step out of their protected environs of home to gain knowledge in a formal space. It is natural for parents to wish for a preschool that is closer to home. They also need one in which their precious ones feel welcomed and loved.

Ayelet Montessori is situated in the midst of a residential sector in South Bangalore making it extremely convenient for children to commute.

2. A non-commercial institution

Small set-ups exude a feeling of warmth, have a flat hierarchy and are thus able to maintain, to a large extent, transparency in their transactions. Since the number of students is lesser in comparison to the bigger institutions, the kids receive the much needed personal attention. The teachers are easier to approach too.

Ayelet seeks to remain a small unit and retain these vital advantages without falling prey to expansion undertaken purely for commercial reasons.

3. An authentic Montessori environs

The core principle of a Montessori is to allow the child to learn and grow at his/her pace. The environment fuels a child’s innate curious nature. This enables him/her to learn through observation and experiments.

Ayelet incorporates all the teaching aids and methodology of a pure Montessori: from having a mixed age environment to using the best educational materials.

The mixed-age learning environment is perhaps one of the earmarks of a classic Montessori. It helps kids to grow by observing the older ones. It also fosters the natural instinct to nurture and care for the younger ones.

4. An experienced and passionate head of institution

Ayelet has been conceived by Falak after almost a decade of being an involved teacher at the MLCB language school of reading and phonics, her debut venture.

She has, over the years, successfully turned young children into readers who have mastered the language of English effortlessly. More importantly, she has earned the reputation of instilling in little kids a passion for reading and learning; we all know that is a valued attribute in today’s technology ridden world.

These heartfelt testimonials from parents of the MLCB alumni are proof enough. They speak of their faith and trust in Falak as their kids’ guide and in Ayelet as a worthy institution.

  • Ritu Mittal:  Falak takes no shortcuts to teach her children. She is easy to talk to and is extremely patient with children. I know my child is in safe hands & my LO has no looking back as I can rest assured she has a strong base now. Thank you, Falak.
  • Kalyani RajeshFalak’s passion and enthusiasm for her job make her an ideal teacher for the children. My daughter loves her classes and that says a lot about the teacher.  I’m sure Ayelet will be a sought-after Montessori House of Children in the near future. Here’s wishing you all the very best!

An educational institution born out of a genuine interest to shape the future generation in the right way is rare to find and Ayelet Montessori promises to be one such abode of learning.

Why don’t you visit the Montessori and see for yourself?

*This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with the brand. The opinion and facts, however, remain unbiased and stated as it were. 

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