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Ayelet Montessori

About Ayelet Montessori

Ayelet Montessori, is a young house of children, formed by passionate parents & educators with a strong belief in Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational method. The word ‘Ayelet’ is a Hebrew word, which means ‘Brightest Morning Star’; it defines the school’s goal to create a bright, rich, stimulating school environment for children, which will stay with them for life. Ayelet aims at fostering a community of children, educators and families, to support the optimum development of the child for life.

Type of School
Curriculum Details
  • The school offers an environment which is mixed age group class room
  • Children between 2 years 5 months to 6+ years participate and  the mixed age-group class environment ensures all students get ample opportunity to learn and guide each other.
  • They work as a community, building themselves and each other. Younger children look up to the older ones, while the latter enjoy getting mentoring opportunities. This develops empathy, healthy class environment and self-confidence.
  • The school offers  a gardening facility for children and an open space for them to sit and paint/read.
Admission Details
  • The school offers year round admission.
  • Admission process and new term begins only when a child reaches 2 years and 5 months of age in the primary environment.
  • The admission forms can be collected from the school office or email them.
  • Parents are invited for a school tour, following which parents fill an admission form. Once the forms are  received , parents are invited for an interaction, to understand the parent’s vision for the child, their idea of Montessori method and also get an idea about the child.
  • The school is open for admission, throughout the year, for children between 2 ½ to 3 years of age. If the  child is 3 years+ and has been to another Montessori House of Children, they can apply as well through an appointment booked early on.
  • The school  will be  launching ‘House of Children’, where plans are  to host an open house/school tour with just a set of 2-3 parents. Prospective parents may contact the office to schedule an appointment for the same.
  • Spacious well equipped classrooms.
  • Library and Resource rooms.
  • A safe environment for children.
  • Clean and hygienic conditions are provided.
  • Visits to the local park are also included.
Safety Features
  • CCTV surveillance is available.
After School Facilities
  • The sister concern MLCB phonics functions in the same building in a different environment. where classes are  conducted in  phonics and grammar classes for children between the age of 4-10 years after school hours.