The Arts Village – A unique activity centre for mums & kids alike

The Arts Village – A unique activity centre for mums & kids alike Cover Image

An activity center set in a colonial studio home amidst courtyards and wide open spaces, The Rainbow Villa on St. Mark’s Road is a treat for both kids and mums.

Had a tough work day and want to decompress? Tucked away in a beautiful lane in central Bangalore, the Rainbow Villa is part of the Arts Village, a cultural haven for lovers of art, music, dance and yoga.


The Arts Village is run by Lakshmi Vijayendra, founder of the acclaimed Shishya Nursery. There’s something else that makes this space unbeatable — the ambience is a treat! When you step into the courtyard and view the open spaces, the rest of Bangalore fades away.

Consisting of three studio homes that reflect colonial architecture from the Bangalore of yore, the Arts Village offers an irresistible combination of old world charm and creative energy that children miss out on in the hiss and din of the city.


Freestyle Dance Classes

While us mums can go to a Zumba or Pilates class or unwind in a yoga session, our children can avail of the wonderful workshops on offer. Designed for infants as young as 6 months all the way up to kids who are 10, here are the many activities and programs that the Rainbow Villa has to offer!

Freestyle Dance Classes details

The toddler program

What it’s about:

Parent Child Program

Held in a space that is filled with toys, activities and props to stimulate an infant’s mind and awaken the senses, the toddler program is not just fun but introduces crucial skills to children in the age group of 6 months to 2.5 years. Facilitated by Sapna who comes from a Montessori background, the toddler program encourages free play, hand eye coordination and motor skills.

Why it’s worth a try:

There are a variety of activities to keep the little ones focused – from puppets, music, free play and building blocks to getting them to visualize, learn about the world around them, getting them to walk on a line drawn on the floor and to clap their hands, sing rhymes, move and play. The biggest takeaway from this class? Children, who are mostly without siblings and from nuclear families, interact with one another, develop social skills, learn about sharing, cleaning up and develop preschool readiness.

The toddler program details

This parent child program is a dream come true

What it’s about:

Parent Child Program at The Arts Village

Imagine you are a mum. You have a tough day, either at work or in the house. You want to unwind or work out but there’s no one to look after the kids. Wouldn’t separate mom-child sessions in the same venue be too good to be true?

The Rainbow Villa offers this ultimate treat with the parent-child program. You can do one hour of Yoga, Zumba or Salsa and your children will be gifted with an hour of art, craft, storytelling and dance.

Parent child program details

Why it’s worth a try:


Why every mum and child is going gaga over ‘Dance stories’

Dance Stories

Top on everyone’s favourite activity at the Rainbow Villa? It’s Dance Stories, a movement based dance class for children, which rewires everything from their gait and poise to their confidence. Every parent in the Arts Village raves about it.

Facilitated by Priyanka Pai, ‘Dance Stories’ is a movement class designed to help children express with their bodies. Drawing from techniques like Yoga and Kalaripayattu, children learn to use dance and music to fine tune their physical abilities.

Dance stories details

Why it’s worth a try:


Stunning architecture

As a mum in new age Bangalore, I always wish my child could run around in open spaces or treasure her memories in an old style bungalow with exquisite architecture. Rainbow Villa is housed in the campus of the Arts Village, a historical landmark in St. Mark’s Road. Three refurbished bungalows now act as centres for music, art and yoga.


Walking in the Arts Village is like taking a stroll in an artist’s town. Adjoining walkways are converted into beautiful courtyards, there is lush greenery everywhere and the interiors are designed and decorated in earthy colours that soothe the mind.

Activities to boost reading skills

What it’s about:

Treasure Trove at The Arts Village

The Rainbow Villa offers a comprehensive reading program consisting of phonetics, pre-reading skills and reading skills. Phonetics is geared towards 3 to 6 year olds and helps them to learn letter sounds. Once they develop phonological awareness, pre-reading skills are encouraged to build vocabulary. Reading skills are then encouraged and fluency is nurtured.

Treasure Trove Fun & Creative Classes details

Why it’s worth a try:

This program is vibrant and engages the kids in constant hands-on experiments and activities in order to learn the language. Class sizes are small so as to maximize learning. Children understand sounds, learn about words, develop a love for the language and enjoy shared reading experiences.

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