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Artful Summers by Poppy Pundits

Artful Summers by Poppy Pundits

Artful Summers is a series of workshops for kids, designed to encourage their creativity and imagination. Not only will the program help them develop their skills, confidence, and artistic thinking but participants will also get the opportunity to try new materials and techniques. In the workshop they will engage children in creativity and artful thinking through experiences which are engaging, relevant and fun. Each experience is designed personally with an aim to trigger creativity in the minds of the participants, teach a life skill and create a wholesome experience.

What kids will do

  1. Read a book and make an art
  2. Doodle art
  3. Weave heart
  4. Gift wrapping and tags
  5. Creativity and imagination – give a topic, talk and share thoughts and create.


To register for the camp, you can WhatsApp on the given number +91-99861022111. 3rd April 2022 is the last date for registrations and while booking your spot you can make the payment through Paytm.