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ArChildren Summer Camp 2019

ArChildren Summer Camp

ArChildren by Poetics is the first initiative in India to educate and engage Children and Youth about Nature, Buildings and our Built environment through the understanding of Architecture. ArChildren aims to provide young minds a platform where they are free to explore and understand our built environment through play and imaginative projects.

Camp Activities

For Age Group 4 to 6 years
Children of 4- 6 years old learn about architecture through free play and imaginative projects through the use of natural materials (without adhesives, stickers and glue). Simple folding techniques and knot tie activities will engage them to put things together in beautiful and imaginative ways. They also investigate about the elements of architecture like openings (door, windows), roofs, walls, light, shades, textures, structures and relationship with nature.

List of sessions for the summer camp:

  • House of living beings – Stories
  • Human Habitats – Tent building
  • Poetry/Songs in Architecture
  • Mud Brick Making
  • Houses made of cookies

For Age Group 7 to 14 years
The 7-14 years children will explore the issues related to ecology, natural vs. man made environment and our cities. They will deeply explore the natural materials. The hands-on making experiences will imprint stronger memories in their understanding of nature and architecture.

List of sessions for the summer camp:

  • Out-door Sketching
  • Rammed Earth Benches
  • Sundried bricks
  • Bird Nest by using recycled materials
  • Natural huts