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About appleofmyi

The big little store, appleofmyi, is every New parents favourite destination. A warm and international store environment that offers over 25,000 plus unique fun, developmental, wellness and utility oriented products and services for mums-to-be, young mothers, infants and children under one roof.

Kids Apparel at appleofmyi

Age Group
0 - 6 years
For girls
✓ Casual Dresses✓ Combo Sets✓ Denim✓ Dungarees & Jumpsuits✓ Ethnic Wear✓ Frocks/Dresses✓ Indian Wear✓ Inner Wear✓ Jackets✓ Jeans✓ Pants✓ Party Dresses✓ Pyjamas✓ Rain wear✓ Shorts & Capris✓ Skirts✓ Sleep Wear✓ Socks✓ Sports Wear✓ Summer & Seasonal wear✓ Sweaters & Cardigans✓ Sweatshirts✓ Swim Wear✓ Thermals✓ Tracksuits✓ Trousers✓ T-shirts & polos
For boys
✓ Coats✓ Combo Sets✓ Cotton Pants✓ Denim✓ Formal Jackets✓ Formal Shirts (Party)✓ Formal Suits (Set)✓ Inner Wear✓ Jackets✓ Jeans✓ Shirts✓ Shorts & 3/4ths✓ Sleep Wear✓ Sports Wear✓ Summer & Seasonal Wear✓ Swim Wear✓ T-shirts✓ Polo t-shirts✓ Rain wear✓ Socks✓ Sweatshirts✓ Sweaters & Cardigans✓ Thermals✓ Trousers✓ Woollens
For Infants
✓ Baby Quilts✓ Bibs✓ Body Suits✓ Booties✓ Frocks✓ Indian Wear✓ Infant Wraps✓ Mittens✓ Rompers✓ Socks✓ Thermals✓ Woollens
✓ Bows✓ Caps✓ Hair Bands✓ Hair Clips✓ Sunglasses✓ Watches
Other Products
Casual shoes
Slipper & Flipflops
Sports shoes

Baby care & Maternity products at appleofmyi

Age Group
0 - 3 years
Baby Care Products
✓ Baby Bibs✓ Baby Comb & Brush✓ Baby Cream & Lotion✓ Baby Finger Toothbrush & Paste✓ Baby Food✓ Baby Liquid Soap✓ Baby Medicine Dropper✓ Baby Nail Cutter✓ Baby Nasal Aspirators✓ Baby Oil✓ Baby Powder✓ Baby Shampoo & Conditioner✓ Baby Soap✓ Baby Sun Care✓ Baby Wash✓ Cotton Wool, Buds & Swabs✓ Diapers✓ Thermometer✓ Towel & Wrappers✓ Wash Cloth & Napkins✓ Wet Wipes
Baby Toys
✓ Baby Bath Toys✓ Baby Rattles✓ Baby Soft Toys✓ Baby Teethers
Baby Mobile Accessories
✓ Carriers, Slings, Kangaroo Bags✓ High Chair & Booster Seats✓ Bouncers & Rockers✓ Prams & Strollers✓ Car Seats✓ Walkers
Maternity Care & Products
✓ Breast Pads & Shields✓ Maternity Belts✓ Maternity Dresses✓ Maternity Tops✓ Maternity Streachable Pants✓ Toiletries & Creams✓ Stretch Mark Cream

Toys & games at appleofmyi

Age Group
1 - 6 years
Action & Toy Figures
✓ Characteristic Toys✓ Collectables✓ Military Figures✓ Robots
Cars, Cycles & Ride-ons
✓ Bikes - Battery Operated✓ Scooters✓ Skates✓ Tricycles
Safety equipment with the ride-ons
✓ Helmet
Construction, blocks & models
✓ Blocks for Toddlers✓ Building Sets✓ Construction Models✓ Lego✓ Mega Blocks
Dolls & Soft Toys
✓ Baby Dolls✓ Barbie & Ken✓ Barbie Accessories✓ Ethnic Dolls✓ Rag Dolls
Electronic Games & Gadgets for Kids
✓ Alarm Clocks✓ Batteries / Flashlights✓ Play Laptops & Notebooks✓ Robotics✓ Tablets✓ Spy Gadgets✓ Walkie Talkies✓ Watches
✓ Action & Reflex Games✓ Board Games✓ Battling Tops✓ Card Games✓ Checkers, Chess & Backgammon✓ Classic Games✓ Dice & Marble Games✓ Educational Games✓ Floor Games✓ Stacking Games
Learning & Exploration
✓ Action & Reflex Games✓ Board Games✓ Battling Tops✓ Card Games✓ Checkers, Chess & Backgammon✓ Classic Games✓ Dice & Marble Games✓ Educational Games✓ Floor Games✓ Stacking Games
Play Vehicles
✓ Cars & Play Sets✓ Construction & Farm Vehicles✓ Die-cast Cars & Trucks✓ Emergency Vehicles✓ Military Vehicles✓ Motorcycles✓ Planes & Helicopters✓ Radio & Remote Controls✓ Trains & Railways Sets✓ Trucks & SUV’s✓ Spacecraft✓ Vehicle Play Set
Sports & Outdoor Equipment
✓ Basket Ball & Net✓ Golf Sets✓ Gymnastics - Colourful Mats✓ Inflatable Bouncers✓ Inflatable Floats✓ Infalatable Pools✓ Sandbox & Sand Toys✓ Seasaw, Swings & Slides✓ Swim Gear - Googles, Swim Caps✓ Trampoline
General Toys
✓ Bath Toys✓ Bubbles✓ Bubble Solution✓ Flying Toys✓ Glow in the Dark Toys✓ Inflatable Toys✓ Light-up Toys✓ Magnets✓ Miniature & Keychains✓ Noise Makers✓ Popping & Jumping Toys✓ Spinning Tops✓ Spring & Wind-up Toys✓ Temporary Tattoos✓ Toy Balls✓ Water Toys

Kids furniture & furnishings appleofmyi

Age Group
0 - 3 years
Product Details
✓ Activity & Sensory Tables✓ Chairs✓ Cots✓ Storage & Organisation✓ Tables✓ Tents & Tunnels✓ Wall Stickers

Party Supplies at appleofmyi

Age Group
1 - 10 years
Product Details
✓ Party Balloons - Coloured✓ Party Balloons - Polka Dots✓ Party Decoration✓ Party Favours✓ Party Favour Bags✓ Party Games & Craft Kits✓ Party Hats✓ Party Invitation✓ Party Piniatas✓ Party Napkins✓ Party Return Gifts✓ Party Tableware

School supplies & stationary at appleofmyi

School Supplies
✓ School Bags✓ Sippers✓ Lunch Bags✓ Lunch Box✓ Umbrella✓ Raincoat✓ Water-bottles
Stationery & Art Supplies
✓ Art Apron✓ Colour Pencils✓ Coloured Markers✓ Scissors for Kids✓ Staples & Pins✓ Stampers
✓ Art Aprons✓ Art supply sets & kits✓ Beads & Jewellery & Sequins✓ Chalk & Chalkboards✓ Clay, Dough & Modelling✓ Colourful Pens & Markers✓ Craft Kits/ Creativity Kits✓ Crayons✓ Drawing & Colouring Books✓ Dry Erase Markers & Boards✓ Easels✓ Finger Paints✓ Paints & Brushes✓ Pottery Wheel✓ Scrapbooking✓ Sketch Books✓ Stamp sets & Stickers
✓ Glue, Paste and Tape✓ Pencil, Erasers & Sharpeners✓ Scissors

Delivery & Payment

How to place an order

You can place an order on the website or the mobile app.

Delivery time
For orders placed before 2:00 pm, they offer same day delivery. (2 - 4 hours)
Delivery charges
For orders below Rs.500/- there is a Rs.50/- delivery charge. For orders above Rs.500/- there is no delivery charge.
Payment modes
✓ Cards✓ Cash✓ Netbanking