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Anuhya Summer Camp

Anuhya Summer Camp

At Anuhya Summer Camp children will learn about life skills, academic excellence skills and also participate in loads of fun and adventure activities. The camp is designed by a trained Life coach who has a deep understanding of Child psychology. The camp will be conducted from 2018 for kids of 8 to 16 years and 16 to 22 years. Anuhya Summer Camp is being conducted since 2010 and have helped children to learn and apply these skills in their life at school and at home.

Activities at the Camp

At the camp children learn about Leadership qualities, Team playing, Positive attitude, Empathising/sympathising, Social immunity, Facing the situation, Gratitude, Obedience, Managing stress, Communication, Focus and concentration, Motivating towards life goal, Goal setting and achieving it, Speaking in front of a group.

They also focus on Study techniques, Memory enhancement, Managing exam stress, Managing studies and hobbies, Relaxation and meditation techniques. Participants will also take part in fun activities such as Swimming, Dance, Kung-fu, Qigong exercises, Pottery maker, Magic show, Camp fire and and gardening.