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A weekend wish come true. Where the kids are on their own, well within your eyesight while you enjoy the peace and calm that this ancestral home offers

Getting to the Angana – The Courtyard

Angana – The Courtyard, is a mere 40-km drive from Indiranagar which took just over an hour to on a sunny Saturday morning. It’s the perfect weekend getaway-Angana. The last stretch to the resort is through a charming country-side, just off Kanakpura road. We counted on the turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps and reached Angana – The Courtyard without any hassle. Getting there could be a little tricky if you’re not equipped with a navigation app to guide you through.

As you approach the property, you find yourself driving past these high earthen brick walls to find the entrance, a large wooden door which preserves all the suspense right till the end. You finally enter the fortified structure over a crushed gravel pathway and are greeted with the serenity and solitude of this beautiful, lush green property.

Why go

The short drive from Bangalore makes Angana The Courtyard a really convenient getaway. There’s nothing better than entirely cutting out an otherwise 2+ hour stressful drive from your weekend. The laid-back atmosphere here is ideal for unwinding and getting away from the madness of the city.

The property

Angana The Courtyard, is spread over 2 acres of land, with beautifully kept lawns and vegetation. The masonry bordering the property makes it a very private & cozy affair. The main structure is an ancestral home, with 6 rooms, constructed of old grey stone work, giving it a lovely heritage feel. On the other side, are two cottages, overlooking a well-manicured lawn with a single bench beautifully placed under a huge tree in a corner-offering an absolutely idyllic setting.

Angana Main Building

Angana Main Building – Picture courtesy:

By the time we settled ourselves in, the kids had already taken off on their little adventure tour to see what was in store for them, and boy,were they thrilled!

Why kids will love it

On one side of the property, kids have themselves a fairly large open playground with strong sturdy wooden and iron swings, a wooden rocking horse (which my daughter absolutely loved – going by the shriek of joy she let out at the sight of it!). A unique slide built with stones with a well positioned pit of sand provides for safe landing.

At the far end of the playground you will find a watch tower, with spiral steps leading up to the top, a nice place to enjoy the sunset and good fun for the kids running up and down.

Why you’ll love it

Overlooking this playground is a small covered area for Table Tennis (well stocked up with necessary TT rackets and extra balls) and a carrom board to provide indoor sports entertainment. This was great – while we enjoyed our game of TT we were also able to watch over the kids on the playground. A few hammocks have been tied up helping one to do nothing at all! They also have an open stage area, where you can request for a mattress and take a nice afternoon nap under the trees.

The green landscape with lots of trees gives it a cool ambience even during the mid afternoon. If you still feel the heat, head for the Kalyani swimming pool- a fairly small pool but beautifully designed with small steps leading down to the water’s edge. At one end, at a slightly higher level, there are a few easy chairs to take a nap on. They also have a small kids’ pool, which both my kids just loved. It’s a nice place to cool off with a few chilled beers.

Kalyani pool

Kalyani pool

The stay

Main building

All the rooms in the main building open into a centralised courtyard which is beautifully laid out with antique furniture, artefacts, such as the gramophone, sewing machines and well maintained Tanjore paintings. Besides this they do have a few board games like chess, ludo etc to keep your kids busy while you can relax.

Some of the rooms in the main building have floor beds, old style, but if you’re travelling with a small baby, it is one way not to worry about their falling off beds!

The rooms in the cottage have netted doors to keep the mosquitoes away in addition to the mosquito repellents. Rooms are well covered as far as keeping pests away, but if you want to enjoy the outdoors in the evenings it’s advisable you pack your anti-mosquito cream.


Cottages are spacious enough, with a comfortable good size bed, an old rustic looking desk, and 2 benches to place our luggage. Even with extra beds placed as we had requested for the kids, we had enough space to move around. Each cottage has a small verandah outside where you could relax and enjoy the picturesque view of the lawn. The highlight of the rooms are the old style black flip switches and the ever so large ceiling fans although the lighting in the rooms could do with some improvement.


Cottages: Picture courtesy:


Cottage room: Picture

The bathrooms are detached from the main building by a small private garden space in between. The old style bathrooms are cleverly divided into 2 parts to separate wet and dry areas.


The whole layout is quaintly old-fashioned. It is likely that our parents and older relatives would feel nostalgic for their bygone days!!

There is a provision for a bonfire right outside the cottage which would be something of an asset in winter.

Eating and drinking

All meals will be normally included within the booking package – all you have to do is land up in the dining area during the designated meal timings. Angana does not believe in room service, all meals are served at the open dining area. They have a sufficient spread and the food served at Angana The Courtyard, is simple and flavourful. Although the buffet is preset, the staff was very helpful to make small alterations for the kids.


Restaurant: Picture courtesy:

Enjoy your evening chai (or beers) with hot chilli and banana pakodas in the lawns where a few tables are laid out.


Staff is courteous, friendly, and very helpful. They kept the place absolutely clean, including their kitchen. Free entry into the kitchen if ever required for either ordering something or even just usage of their microwave.


Since it has very limited rooms, they do not entertain walk-ins. We recommend you book your stay with them directly or via another website that we used


They have different packages: an In-house package, suitable for a weekend stay and a day package.

  • Tariff and details for the in-house package – Standard room – Rs.6442 per couple, Private cottage – Rs.8532 per couple, as on April 6th, 2014.
  • Cost for an extra adult Rs.2800 per person, as on April 6th, 2014.
  • The tariff mentioned above is inclusive of all taxes, your stay, all three meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Kids – 5 years -12 years are charged 50% on actuals
  • Also includes recreation facilities like swimming pool, table tennis, basket ball and badminton.
  • Tariff and details of the day package
  • Day picnic package – includes breakfast, lunch and evening tea – Rs.869 per person, as on April 6th, 2014
  • Day picnic package – includes Rs.765 per person, as on April 6th, 2014
  • They also do have an event/ conference packages – please do check their website for further details

We are always on the lookout for fun weekend trips, if you have any recommendations or if you would like to share your experiences, please do write to us at . We would love to hear your story too.

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