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Anaimalais Rainforest Expedition 2020 – Valparai

Anaimalais Rainforest Expedition 2020 – Valparai

This summer, The Outback Experience presents a one of a kind expedition into the rainforests of the Anaimalais. The Anaimalais hills is easily the richest habitat and bio-diversity in the Western Ghats, and maximum of 4 participants can join them and experience this rainforest wonderland first-hand. Amongst its amazing attractions, the unique and endangered lion-tailed macaque, will be on the top of our list and the Anaimalais is easily the best place on Earth to observe and photograph these amazing creatures. Integral to the Anaimalais Rainforest Expedition will be hands-on learning on nature conservation, photography, wildlife tracking, outdoor survival skills, not to forget, a whole lot of fun!

Serving as base camps for the exploration of all this glory will be,The Puduthotham Bungalow in Valparai. This amazing and quaint British bungalow situated in the middle of a tea estate and close to fantastic shola forest is the perfect balance between homely comfort and the spirit of adventure.

Book a place now, for easily our most exciting expedition on offer!

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