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An Indian Summer – Art Workshop

About An Indian Summer – Art Workshop

An Indian Summer is an Art Workshop that will rebuild Indian Craft Traditions using story readings and experiential learning techniques. Beyond exploring the history and theory of the craft forms participants will also recreate individual projects around each craft. This programme will be an immersive 8 day journey in traditional craft forms and their relevance. All parts of the programme will be conducted using educative, interactive and engaging learning techniques. The programme will build on creative thinking, inquiry, language skills, and historical awareness amongst participants.

Activity Schedule

  • April 5: Art of the Desert: Lippan Kaam
  • April 6: Art of the Forest: Warli Painting
  • April 7: Art of the Forest: Gond Art
  • April 8: Art of the Plains: Kantha Work
  • April 10: Art of the Hills: Paper Mache
  • April 11: Art of the Forest: Weaving
  • April 12: Art of the Desert: Tie and Dye
  • April 13: Art of the Plains: Madhubani


Contact The Craft Caravan, to register for the program